October 22, 2014

One Character, Different Costumes: Han Solo

Han Solo's costume is so stylish and cool that Lando Calrissian stole his clothes. Given that, the Star Wars character seemed like the perfect subject for this installment of One Character, Different Costumes. He has various outfits in the original trilogy, and I've seen cosplayers of both genders tackle every one of them. I've seen screen accurate costumes, femme versions, and dresses. If you're considering a Han Solo costume, looking at how other cosplayers have put the costume together might help you with your design.

My Han Solo costume from four years ago. I did a crossplay version because I couldn't find a replica vest cut to fit women and didn't (and still don't) have the sewing skills to make my own. I applied the bloodstripes with red hem tape.

Steampunk Han Solo, photo by BBQdPhotography. This cosplayer replaced Han's blaster with a saber, added goggles, and changed out the vest for a subtle and cool steampunk effect.

Rod of the Rebel Legion has the Bespin Han Solo costume. This might be my favorite look of Han's - it has the brown pants with yellow stripes and the navy blue jacket.

Han Solo dress design by Darling Army. This cute look was a design for a possible costume, and Darling Army has also made a Han Solo cosplay pinafore.

Femme Han Solo cosplayed by Emily, a.k.a. The Stylish Geek. I love this version of Han's A New Hope costume - it represents more of what I wanted to do with my Han look. Emily made the holster and buckles and put together the entire costume.

Hoth Han Solo cosplayed by Dan Hyatt. I adore this costume of Han's, and I appreciate that the cosplayer went to the trouble of dusting the jacket with fake snow. All he needs to complete the look is a tauntaun.

October 21, 2014

Beautiful Game of Thrones Animation

Season five of Game of Thrones is coming. It may seem like forever until spring and we still have to get through winter, but hopefully the time will go fast. It usually does. Until the new season arrives, you can revisit the past. Vimeo user Blackmeal  worked with Baptiste Pagani to make a positively stunning animation that summarizes seasons one through four of the HBO series.

The video captures the highlights of the first few seasons, and the art looks like it belongs in an R-rated storybook. I've watched it repeatedly.

Game Of Thrones, an animated journey - #gotseason5 is coming from BlackMeal on Vimeo.

Maybe HBO could make an animated version of the series to kill time until George R.R. Martin finishes the books!

h/t io9

October 20, 2014

Hand-Painted Star Wars Rebels Chopper Shoes

I've only seen about an hour and a half of Star Wars Rebels, but I already feel strongly about the story and the characters. It has a certain spirit that grabs me and the story is told in such a way that I feel like I'm part of the team - like I'm helping the Rebel Alliance form just by cheering on the crew of Ghost. The show definitely captures the tone of Star Wars by mixing humor with darkness and by showing hope in the face of what seems like an impossible situation. You can read my recaps of each episode over at Nerdist, but before I get too sidetracked with compliments for the series, I want to call out my favorite new droid: C1-10P, a.k.a. Chopper.

Chopper was described as a somewhat grumpy droid from the beginning. Executive producer Dave Filoni said that if R2-D2 is the family dog, Chopper is the family cat. He'll help but only reluctantly, and he's not afraid to talk back or complain. I adore him. The way he waves his arms around with frustration and annoyance absolutely kills me. He's instantly lovable, and I can't wait until I can purchase all the Chopper toys. I'm sure Chopper merchandise will be available soon but until then, I had to paint a pair of shoes to show my love for Chopper:

All it took to make Chopper shoes was white canvas slip-ons, a black Sharpie, and acrylic paint in yellow, orange, black, and silver. Oh, and lots of masking tape. I used the same process as I did on my R2-D2 Toms (how-to here) and the hardest part was waiting for the paint to dry between layers. The design might look better on a pair of Toms but these cheap slip-ons are a fine start. I might go back and paint the edges of the soles orange.

I've already introduced my Chopper shoes to my R2-D2 shoes, and I'm sure they'll cause trouble together when they're not being worn:

I promise to act extra sassy whenever I wear my Chopper shoes.

October 17, 2014

Kevin Smith Talks About His Episode VII Set Visit on the Latest Episode of The Comlink

It's Friday, and that means it's time for a new episode of The Comlink. If you missed my announcement last week, The Comlink is a weekly show with Star Wars news, interviews with special guests, and more. It's essentially a video podcast. Cool, right? My involvement is writing the news and doing social media.

Anyway, this week's special guests are Kevin Smith and Adrianne Curry. Adrianne hits the streets of Hollywood to ask Star Wars fans some fun questions, and Kevin discusses his visit to the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. Guys, listening to him explain what he saw gave me goose bumps. And I'm not just saying that because I work on the show. Watch:

Keep an eye out for the extended interview later this weekend.

Speaking of, in case you missed it, we also released the full thirty minute interview with James Arnold Taylor last week:

May the Force be with you!

October 16, 2014

Warwick Davis Will Be in Star Wars; Episode VII

When it comes to Star Wars: Episode VII, I am trying to stay spoiler-free. I'm okay with casting announcements and plot points that are officially revealed - like the presence of the Millennium Falcon and the design of the X-wing - but when I hear the word "leaked" I try to look the other way. It's not always possible because my job means I have to write about news related to the film, but sometimes I get lucky and can avoid things - like the concept art that made the rounds on the internet yesterday.

Anyway! As mentioned, I don't avoid casting news, and a nice nugget dropped today: Warwick Davis will appear in Episode VII. The official Star Wars YouTube account posted the following video, titled "Will Warwick Davis Appear in Star Wars: Episode VII?"

I look forward to learning what role Warwick Davis is playing in the upcoming movie (he's been Wicket W. Warrick and W. Wald/Weazel in Episodes VI and I so far), but mostly, I find the approach to this announcement interesting. It's more fun than a standard press release.

h/t /Film

October 14, 2014

This LEGO Indiana Jones Diorama Belongs in a Museum

Indiana Jones has gone on plenty of adventures in his four films. He's faced dangers like snakes (why did it have to be snakes?), rope bridges, booby traps, car chases... you name it. LEGO builder Michał Kaźmierczak, a.k.a. Migalart, took some cues from the existing movies and built a massive LEGO diorama that depicts an original Indiana Jones adventure. The huge creation - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Kings - features the desert, the jungle, spiders, walls covered in hieroglyphics, caves, and water.

Whew. Indy's going to have to go through a lot to find the treasure - probably as much work as Migalart put into building this insane model. He doesn't list the amount of time he spent working on this diorama or the number of bricks used, but I'm guessing there are several thousand pieces.

This image tells the tale (click to enlarge):

More photos of the diorama:

See more pics of the build at Migalart's Flickr page.

October 10, 2014

Introducing The Comlink

Ready for some exciting Star Wars-related news? Of course you are. A new video podcast called The Comlink premiered today!! It's a weekly show that features Star Wars news, interviews with special guests, and so much more and it airs on Kevin Smith's YouTube channel. And, I'm in involved - just a little bit.

I'd be excited about this anyway, I promise. As a Star Wars fan, I can't believe a Star Wars show like this doesn't already exist. But since I am involved (I write the news and run the social media), I am extra excited. The show is produced by J.C. Reifenberg, David Collins, and Ruark Dreher. David Collins hosts, and the first guest is none other than James Arnold Taylor, the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Check it out:

Subscribe to the YouTube channel or follow along on social media to keep apprised of new shows (they're coming every Friday!) and to get links to extended interviews. We have lots of awesome guests coming up!

Facebook: The Comlink
Twitter: @the_comlink
Instagram: @the_comlink

October 9, 2014

These Armor Arm Warmers Win Everything

When I start to feel a chill in the air or the bite of overly aggressive air conditioning, I reach for my favorite warm accessory: arm warmers. There's just something about wearing arm warmers and fingerless gloves. They're cozy, they keep my poor always-freezing hands toasty, and they make my overall body temperature more comfortable. I own a handful of styles, the most recently purchased being a set of Ravenclaw ones from Sock Dreams. I basically lost it when I saw these fabulous knit arm warmers covered in scale mail:

My first thought was, "Wow, these would look great with my renfaire garb." My second thought was, "Wow, these would look awesome with anything/everything I own." They're shiny and pretty and appear warm and badass. The bad news? These actual arm warmers aren't for sale. If you know how to knit though, you can get the pattern from the designer CraftyMutt. I am in love.

You can buy the pattern to make a set of your own over at Ravelry.
And actually, you can buy different but equally rad scale mail arm warmers at Etsy.

h/t Cheezburger
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