January 16, 2010

Pre-order The Guild comic!

I am dipping my toes into comic books slowly. Not because I don't enjoy them, but more because I'm worried about them taking over my bookshelves. You see, I develop addictions rather quickly. For example I really had to restrain myself from buying all the Star Wars books; I decided since there are dozens of books, the library was probably the best route. But alas, I don't know of a library for comic books.

Anyway. The Guild. I have big love for The Guild and all the work and promoting that has gone into it. I especially have a business nerd admiration for Felicia Day. The web series is taking the next natural step and issuing comics. You can pre-order issues 1 and 2 from Things from Another World. The comic will explore Codex's journey into the game. I can't wait.

Yeah, speaking of gaming. Another addiction I will probably develop.

Comic Book Resources has a great article about the comics and Felicia Day here.

*Image is the cover art for Issue 1 by Cary Nord.


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