February 23, 2010

Long Beach Comic Expo

Don't be mad San Diego Comic Con, I had to attend another comic convention some day.  It was just a matter of time.  I still love you.  I'm just broadening my horizons.  Or something.
So on that note, I headed to the Long Beach Comic Expo last Saturday.  The actual Long Beach Comic Con is the last weekend in October, but this one day event will get you through until then.  This event will always be special to me because you see, I'm mostly new to comic books.  I've devoured graphic novels for a few years now, but comics are a new field for me.  And book shelves are already feeling the weight of my adoration for them.  I was looking forward to digging through some boxes, scoring some Star Wars collections, and my favorite thing of these kind of events - meeting new artists and finding gems.

It didn't disappoint.  I browsed a few of the larger comic book and graphic novel vendor tables first.  I ended up with a few 40% off books from Pulp Fiction and Comic Madness.  All Star Wars in case you wondered, Knights of the Old Republic and Tales of the Jedi.  I talked to the local chapter of the Rebel Legion.  They were incredibly nice and generous with their time.  If I ever get my Twi'lek costume together, I know where to go.

As if by happy fate, the two tables closest to the 501st and Rebel Legions turned up my favorite expo finds.  Where you find Star Wars, happiness follows.  This might be my new mantra.  First, I discovered Wondermark from David Malki.  How I have been ignorant of these clever comic strips so long is a mystery to me.  Click the link, check them out.  I won't be offended if you don't come back.  I purchased Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death, and I admired the Hierarchy of Beards poster. 

I took a couple more steps and a volume called the Outlaw Territory caught my eye.  You see, I've been watching Deadwood for the first time, and it seemed fortuitous that I should find a collection of comics about the Old West.  As if it couldn't be better, it features works by several artists.  I get to meet even more new styles that way, so I try to get compilations whenever I can.  Contributor Christian Beranek signed my copy, and hopefully, I'll run into him at another con so I can talk to him a little more.  By this time, mid-afternoon, the ballroom was getting crowded.  I took another spin around, snapped a few pictures, and left with my loot.  I think this is just a small taste of the weekend convention in October, and I am really looking forward to it.


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