February 24, 2010

Meeting Felicia Day & Dr. Horrible Screening

The Guild and Dr Horrible Screening

When I made plans to go to the charity screening of The Guild and Dr. Horrible back in October (put on by Whedonpolis, I had no idea Felicia Day would be there. Much less that I would get to meet her while in an approximation of Penny costume. I went out to get a soda and noticed that she had just arrived. ome people were hanging about, and it looked like she might take some photos so I stood by a girl dressed as Codex and waited. She was really sweet. She asked some media company with a camera to please hold on so she could take some photos. She liked my Penny costume, she said it was very vibrant and very super hero Penny. My camera battery was almost dead, so even though other people were waiting she said I should check to make sure I got the photo. So nice of her! And in case you read this, thank you girl from SciFi TV Zone that helped me get up there and took my photo with her.

The screening, by the way, rocked. We got swag bags, and I saw great costumes. One girl had a really awesome Codex outfit, Bad Horse posse, Dr. Horrible, and lots of groupies (I was the only Penny that I saw).

The Guild and Dr Horrible Screening

The screening was of course close-captioned, but I'm guessing most of the audience didn't that. We sang-a-long, but most of us just spoke a long with all the lines too. I can't tell you how cool it was to hear almost 400 or so people nail every word of the opening verse of a "A Brand New Day." A lot of people had perfect timing with the poppers during "Slipping" too. We sang loud, we did evil laughs and terrifying death whinnies, we remarked on Penny's death scene shoes and I at least said "depressing shot" at the end. I had such a blast and got to support charity at the same time. Double win. Oh, and I also actully won a raffle prize - a signed Guild poster. Yay! Looking forward to next year's screening.


  1. I love your Penny costume! I was thinking about putting together a Penny costume for Comic-Con next year!
    Also, I didn't know about the Dr. Horrible screening coming up, so I'm glad I read your blog and found out about it!

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