February 10, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Two Jack Sparrows

SoCal Renfaire 2009_72

Don't stress, it's really not still Monday. This just didn't post like I ordered it to.

Is loving renaissance faires and the like a nerdy thing? I'm sure there are hot debates about it, peppered with fierce emotions about the SCA. I feel like it is definitely on the border. I'm not a SCA member, and I don't dress in a historically accurate fashion. But I still love attending faires for the costumes (I do, of course, dress up), the entertainment, the amazing people and crazy knowledgeable vendors, and the food.

At the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire last year, there were a plethora of Jack Sparrows. I couldn't resist this shot of two of them standing side by side watching the Queen's parade go by.


  1. When were you there? Did we meet up? Why don't I remember this? I was working at the Well and causing havoc with the yeomen.

  2. I went twice. I'd think that surely I ran into you or at least saw you, but I didn't know it. :( Sad!!


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