February 11, 2010

Number Six Costume

Amy Number6

I like costumes, and I am getting better and better at putting them together. I have enough pieces now to easily dress up as someone different for every day of a week long convention. Though I can cobble things together, I barely know how to even turn a sewing machine on. So when I wanted to dress up like Number Six from my beloved Battlestar Galactica, I turned to a professional. I sent Tonya Gergely of Mia La an email to see what we could do. Then I dug up promotional photos and screenshots of the red dress. I sent her the reference photos, gave her my measurements, and provided a sturdy strapless bra, and got back a beautiful dress that is unbelievably close to the real thing. I've received so much positive feedback for it, that she now lists the dress as a regularly available costume (along with a Slave Leia and a kicking Wonder Woman). For the final touch, my boyfriend and I sculpted the ring and bracelet from two part epoxy and painted them silver. I think the only part I'm missing, besides being a Tricia Helfer lookalike, is a better wig.

I had the best moment while wearing this dress to Comic-Con in 2008. As I was finding a seat for a crowded panel, I hear a small voice say "Love your dress." I turned and saw a girl in a beautiful Kaylee ruffle dress from Firefly's "Shindig." I squee'd and whispered back how much I adored her dress.

I love conventions.


  1. That is a very good replica of the dress. You definitely pulled off the look too :)

  2. Thank you Shawn! She did such a great job with the dress. :D

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