March 31, 2010

The Bean Issue #2 Review

The Bean, Issue #2 - Shrewd Bargainings

“A broken moon,
A silver spoon,
A knife of brass,
A golden glass...”

The Bean, Issue #2 – Shrewd Bargainings starts with ominous tones. As the adventure continues, Hanson wastes no time grabbing the readers attention with a mysterious character. The collector. He speaks in rhyming prose, and he is the one responsible for grabbing the Bean from the paths of Dark Leaf. As it turns out, the collector has been hoping to find the Bean. The boy is his gopher...for something. While Bean wonders about his fate, Siv, barkeep for the Silver Digger sets out into the forest to look for the missing Bean. For a barkeep, he knows his way around the forest.

The tale continues to spin forward. The reader learns more pieces about the world outside the Silver Dagger, and it's always enjoyable to see a world take shape and expand. New characters come along. Comings and goings give hints of hard times and a peek at the politics of the world.

The illustrations continue to be rich and full of depth. It is not a bad thing to flip through once and only read the story by the images. You'll pick up something new about the tale. Take lots of extra looks at the office of the collector and the underground lair he explores. The details are endless.

March 30, 2010

Stargate Death Glider

I admit it. I like Stargate. More than like. I own all seasons and movies; if you put Stargate on it, I'll pretty much buy it. For me, it's a great mix of campy and adventure, great characters, and the occasional serious moment. Sometimes, lots of them. When I saw QMX was making a scale Goa'uld Death Glider WITH two Jaffa pilots in perfect replica armor, I squee'd. I unfortunately can't bring this ship into my life right now, but maybe you can. And maybe you could let me borrow it once in a while? I'm very careful with toys.

It's a limited edition, don't wait!

Order Stargate SG-1 Goauld Death Glider Collector Scale Replica from Entertainment Earth!

Cartoons! Supa Pirate Booty Hunt

You know how I've mentioned like a million times how my favorite part of attending conventions is meeting creators? Usually this means writers, illustrators, letterers, and so on. But recently at the Long Beach Comic-Con, I found a new animated cartoon to watch. You just never know what you'll run into at cons.

Sadly, I missed seeing creators Steven Sievers and Dahveed in costume as Daniel the Turtle and The Pirate promoting their cartoon, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt. My loss. At least I did grab a card from Steven to remind myself to check out the cartoon once I got home. It took me way too long to check it out. Don't make my mistake. Skip ahead, click the link below, watch episode 1 now.

The cartoon is a little risque without being too over the top. I'm glad that someone is not Disney-ifying pirates into cute cuddly whoopsies. Pirates are a bit naughty on their best days. I watched every Supa Pirate Booty Hunt video posted in rapid succession. My only complaint? I want more. Cute animations and funny quips. I hope to see longer episodes in the near future.

In their own words:
It's sex, drugs and rock 'n roll all on the high seas! Supa Pirate Booty Hunt is a cartoon intended for a hip, young adult audience. It has no nudity but adult humor and implied sexual situations. It is a hip late night show with a style similar to Adult Swim shows such as Venture Brothers and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The show combines classic slapstick squash and stretch Looney Tunes style animation with great action adventure story arches and hilarious comedy. The show spoofs current events, celebrities and the media while being set in a world of ancient magic and futuristic technology."

Watch Episode 1:

March 29, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire

SoCal Renfaire 2009_13

Broon in action, molesting a rabbit

It's almost time for the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I'm still getting used to this faire after attending the Ohio faire (the southern one) for almost a decade. As with anything I attended year after year, I set up little patterns and things I. must. do. My SoCal renfaire list includes seeing Moonie, seeing Broon, visiting my favorite jeweler, stopping by the coin vendor, and eating as much food as I can as often as I can. The faire goes weekends from April 10 - May 23.

I'll be featuring interviews with traveling faire vendors and performers soon.

March 25, 2010

Second Life - Atea Avatars

I like to escape to Second Life when I can. When I'm in world, I tend to do a lot of things I do in real life. Teleport from place to place and look at the beautiful gardens or Magicland (a virtual Disneyland) and chat with friends. I am amazed at what people can do with pixels. Yeah, I fully realize how lame that sounds. I can't think of a better way to put it.

The range of designs and creations one can find in Second Life are astounding. I can dress up and walk through streets and homes right out of a Jane Austen novel; I can look at the windmills of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, circa 1900; and yes, I can also travel through a virtual Stargate. Cause why wouldn't you? The nerdy possibilities abound. I can almost guarantee that the planets of the Star Wars are recreated in Second Life, and I know there is a virtual Serenity. I'm just sayin'.

One of the coolest things about Second Life is choosing your avatar. The body and face (you can have multiple ones) that will represent you visually throughout SL. You can start with the basics, but soon you'll want something a little more, well, you. I have just the place for you. Visit Atea Avatars. I quote from her site:

"I create high quality complete 3D avatars and distinctive characters, both human and fantasy. My collection includes youthful male and female humans as well as wonderful elder male avatars and middled aged men and women. I have also created a fantasy line of faery queen avatars, basic faeries, and lovely drow as well as nekos and role play characters."

After looking at I-refuse-to-admit-how-many designers and virtual stores, I finally stumbled across these amazing avatars that added more than a bit of personality.  There was no question.  Her designs are unique and really run the gamut of every race, size, and shape.  I took a while picking out the virtual me.  I spend most of my SL as Mahea, a really gorgeous neko.  I would love to have real life hair like that.  I also really appreciate  that for a very reasonable price you get a gorgeous avatar with multiple outfits and accessories.
Another plus?  Atea is one of the nicest, most helpful folks I've come across in the virtual world.

Get thee to her virtual store in SL in Qissence.  You won't regret it.  Come back and tell me about the avatar you purchased.

March 23, 2010

Travis Hanson & The Bean

cross posted on Geek Girls Network

One of the best parts about conventions, big or small, is the opportunity to meet creators face to face. You can step right up to illustrators, writers, and letterers. They will be thrilled to meet you and talk, and you will be the richer for it.

The artist alley's and small press areas are trading ships, loaded with spices and silks, and ready to be taken for a prize. It was among the small press tables at San Diego Comic-Con that I first met Travis Hanson, illustrator and storyteller, in person and really discovered his art and stories. His illustrations buzz with life, and their depth beckons viewers to step inside.

His words make the reader never want to go back.

“I am a dreamer and believer in hope. A creator of magical worlds and forgotten memories.” - Travis Hanson

Hanson is indeed a dreamer and believer, but he backs this up with a strong dedication to his work and craft. He is telling his current story, The Bean, as a webcomic while simultaneously releasing paper issues in a landscape format. He didn't take on a webcomic without understanding what it takes to keep going. He has deadlines set up for each issue, and he has to draw five to ten pages of his comic a week to stay on track. It takes him about 2.5 hours to finish a page on average, and it's far from the only project he's working on. You do the math. One of his favorite things to tell aspiring artists when they ask for advice is, “Do not tell me how bad you want it, show me!”

Because of this strong work ethic, The Bean and Hanson are moving forward, not always the easiest thing to do for a webcomic. The story and the artist are both gaining loyal fans. Go glance at just a handful of the panels, and you'll become one. You can't help but get lost in the images and the tale being spun before you. It's a story of a boy with an uncertain destiny in a world where nothing is what it appears to be. Know that the story has been with Travis for a while, and he has plenty of panels and inking ahead.

Travis updates The Bean on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Keep up over at his website. Browse his prints while you are there, buy a paper issue of The Bean, and visit his wonderful imagination.

Issue 1 Review

“Welcome traveler. Come join our tale... and find yourself lost in the forest of Dark Leaf.”

Thus you enter the rich world of the Broken Moon in The Bean, Issue #1 – Riddles and Shrooms. Illustrator and storyteller Travis Hanson lures you into the pages.

You soon meet Bean and the characters of the Silver Dagger inn. The ogre owned and operated inn is far off the beaten path in the forest of Dark Leaf. Bean was abandoned by his father (as far as the reader knows) and left in the care of the grumpy ogre Gort. He does whatever tasks Gort and the staff give him, from washing dishes to heading out into the Dark Leaf for stew ingredients. Sometimes it gets him into more trouble than any boy needs, but fear of an ogre is plenty motivation. One has to be cautious when stepping out into the dark forest though. You never know who or what is watching your footsteps.

Issue #1 of The Bean has only one problem. It easy to read through too fast. You can't help but devour the story just to find out what happens next. Even though you just met them, the characters feel like old friends. Everyone knows of a dive bar that is similar to the Silver Dagger. Well, without the ogres anyway. Or maybe with. You suddenly find yourself at the end, not realizing how fast you've flown through. Make sure you take the time to go back and look at each panel. You'll find new details every time, in the background, in the clothing, you'll be looking again and again. The illustrations are rich and add volumes to the words of the story. And the landscape format leaves plenty of room for embellishment. This world has a lot to explore, and it will be exciting to follow Bean on his adventures.

Visit the BeanLeaf Press store to purchase your copies now.

March 22, 2010

Darth Vader 1:4 Scale Action Figure

You know you want him. Everyone, and I mean everyone needs a Darth Vader of his or her very own. I’ve been waiting for the right Vader. And I think my day has come. This Vader is 19” tall, it features voice and sound effects, and would ya just look at the details on the costume? It’s film accurate to the Empire Strikes Back. Vader also includes over 25 points of articulation and a movie-true lightsaber accessory. One more thing, the price is very attractive.

You can pre-order this collectible right here:
Order Star Wars Darth Vader Ultimate 1:4 Scale Action Figure from Entertainment Earth!
Let’s just discuss the magic of pre-ordering for a moment (in case you forgot or didn’t know).
 - You don’t miss out on limited editions or sell outs because you’re pre-order is locked and in. Remember how fast the Dr. Horrible maquettes went? I almost missed my chance with those.

- You get it out of the way now. It’s convenient, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to get the on its release date. (I love this for comics and new DVDs).

- Pre-orders are liking giving yourself surprises. I pre-order, then forget about it, and a package shows up on doorstep after the release date. It’s like Christmas without the pesky gift wrap.

And the best part? Pre-orders are made of awesome because your card doesn’t get charged until you actually place the order (at least with Entertainment Earth. You might not have the cash now, but you can put down your card info and plan to have the funds in August 2010. You can call it your Darth Vader stash for extra coolness.

*The lightsaber in the final product will be different than the one pictured.

Nerdy Photo Monday - Alice in Wonderland props

Vorpal Sword

When Disney's El Capitan theater shows a movie like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, you can bet I'll be there. One word. Props. After the movie is over, you can step downstairs into a museum of sorts. The theater collects props and costumes from the movie showing. It's absolutely worth the higher ticket price for me to view this stash of treasures.

I found the movie to be visually stunning and entertaining overall. I can't wait to see all the versions of Alice that are bound to show up at Comic-Con this year. It is the perfect film for awesome prop fodder. Swords, elaborate costumes, armor, and teapots. Sign me up for a vorpal sword and the telescope as soon as they are available. Enough talking from me, check out the photos:

White Queen's Telescope Alice in Wonderland costumes Alice in Wonderland Props

You can view several more prop photos here.

Alice in Wonderland Props

March 19, 2010

Finally getting San Diego Comic-Con right

This San Diego Comic-Con marks my fifth year attending. To celebrate this, I finally am doing the convention right. Yes, it's taken me five years to actually get it. I'm on track so far. I purchased the 4 day membership for 2010 last year before I left San Diego. And yesterday, I stepped right up to the San Diego Comic-Con hotel roulette and booked a room as close as I could to the convention center.

You see I've learned from about a million mistakes. Let me give you my brief Comic-Con history.

2006 - first year in attendance, only bought a one day pass, stayed in a faraway hotel and drove the car into downtown San Diego. Epic fail. The parking lot was a long, miserable hike away from the convention center. Didn't bring any snacks or water. I think this was the year when things started to sell out before the on site registration.

2007 - still only bought a one day pass because of poor planning. Drove down for the day, but had the sense to park at Qualcomm Stadium and take the trolley in. Brought a few snacks. Did not have time to see much.

2008 - failed to buy the 4 day pass still. I know. Bought two day Friday and Saturday memberships, tried the volunteer thing. Booked a hotel room that was just a 40 minute trolley ride away. Wore a costume for the first time. The hotel was just far enough away that I couldn't really leave in the middle of the day for a break for fear of missing a panel or something else cool. Volunteering, though only 4 hours, ate up valuable con time. I did learn the value of a good Excel schedule though with priorities for panels and nice highlighted exhibit hall map.

2009 - can you believe I still didn't buy a 4 day membership? No, I procrastinated too long. In fact, until only Sunday was left. Again, epic fail. The only plus about 2009 was that because of cancellations I scored a room for Saturday night at the Hilton in the Gaslamp Quarter and we saw the Music of Battlestar Galactica concert.

2010 - FINALLY purchased the 4 day membership in advance and got hotel room close to the convention center. I have a different costume planned for three days. As it gets closer, I will figure out who will be there and hopefully meet up with people. And yeah, I will so be making a schedule of panels each day that I want check out.

See you there.

March 16, 2010

Nightmare Before Christmas presents

After taking a ride along Disneyland’s Holiday Haunted Mansion (when it’s all dressed up as Nightmare Before Christmas), I decided I needed Nightmare wrapping paper.  Many family members are huge fans of the flick, so it would be perfect. As it turns out, you can’t just buy these great designs. I spent a stupid amount of time looking all over the net. Someone should jump on that by the way.

Then it occurred to me that this can be recreated with the magic of the computer.  I changed my internet searching to photos of the Holiday Haunted Mansion. Daveland Web is a good resource for photos. I gathered several megabytes of wrapping paper photos for reference.

They were then replicated with Illustrator and printed on a huge plotter.  The paper is thick, but it’s not wrapping paper texture.  It actually makes it easier to wrap and easier to open without tearing.  Recipients appreciate this.  It's wrapping paper worth keeping.  The strips of black and white "ribbon" on the sides of the package are also printed.  The bow on the top of the picture below was made with ribbon found at Michael's.

Pick up the sticks and fake berries at Michael’s or a similar craft store.  They usually have something workable year round, and these specific kinds show up around October.

The skulls? Those were sculpted and then cast in urethane plastic (we used Smooth-Cast 300 Series).  Search the net for reference photos of the skull.  You can even print them and make a template.  If you are just making a couple of them, you can use polymer clay.  They were given the cool look with washes of white acrylic paint.  Paint the whole piece in black acrylic (I love Liquitex Basics) first.  While the black paint is drying, mix a small amount of white paint with alcohol.  Paint this on top of the black in thin coats, letting it dry in between.  Do this slowly until you have the desired effect.  I used the magical hot glue gun to attach the adornments on the top of the packages.

The family fought over who got to keep them.  They are now displayed every year along with all the Nightmare and Halloweentown decorations.

You can now download all of these wrapping papers in this Deviant Art gallery.

Fantastical prints by Travis Hanson

Do you like fantasy art? Brilliant.

Do you know artist Travis Hanson? Well, you should.

Besides the fact that he writes and illustrates a wonderful webcomic (you'll hear more about that next week), he also creates rich art prints to capture and inspire the viewer's imagination. His pieces include everything from pirate teddy bears to dragons to ancients quietly watching over the world from their carved bluffs.

Get thee over to the store or visit his DeviantArt gallery, browse around, you can even drool. I won't tell.   Actually you can tell him yourself at WonderCon in a few weeks.  He'll be at booth 514 doing as many free sketches as he can.  Think ahead about your request, he loves a good challenge.

March 15, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Big Damn Replica

Comic-Con 2009

I squealed upon viewing this replica of my girl Serenity at Comic-Con last year. It was one of many squeals. They had a teaser at the California Browncoats booth and over at the WETA sprawl. The details are just as amazing as they look in the photo. It measures 19"x12"x7", or 1:180 scale. This incredible work of art is made to order. There are lighting effects, and the whole crew is standing on the bridge. Every last detail and artistic touch is present.

Made of awesome? Beyond question.

Here's a video of the hard burn:

You can order one right over here. If you want to get one for me too I won't complain.

March 14, 2010

Happy π (Pi) Day!

It's March 14th or 3/14.  Celebrate pi! 

π (pi) is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space; this is the same value as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius. It is approximately equal to 3.141593 in the usual decimal notation.

Ways to celebrate:
- Buy yourself a pi necklace
- Bake a pie with Pi (you can add it with icing on the top or squish a i symbol into shape with dough); maybe bake 3.14 of them and have friends over
- Eat only forms of pie for all meals - quiche for breakfast, shepherds pie, pizza pie.
- Measure a lot of circular objects and analyze the data
- Watch the movie π
- Have a competition with friends to see who knows the most decimal places of π
- Write pi-kus (First line: 3 syllables, second line: 1 syllable, third line: 4 syllables)
- Read The Joy of Pi
- Make up pi jokes
- Look up pi music compositions on YouTube.
- Take a pi hike measuring 3.14 miles or kilometers and eat pie at the end?
- Convert your age into pi.
- Download one million digits of pi

Me?  I'll be eating 3.14 pies.  They'll be tiny ones.  ;)

March 11, 2010

CLUE Party

CLUE Party

Step right into the McGillicuddy Manor. Check your weapons before entering and take a claim check number. Watch your back because you never know who is waiting to stab it.

Thus began an evening of merriment, food, and CLUE. Friends of ours hosted a CLUE dinner party last weekend. I love board games and costumes, so I really couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening. Each of the attendees had to choose the suspect they would portray. The only rule for the costume was that one had to wear the corresponding character color somewhere.

I chose Miss Scarlett. I had a red corset and bustle skirt from Damsel in this Dress that I’ve been dying to wear. The dinner was wonderful and staved off hunger, but not murderous intentions. After eating, we played the longest game of CLUE I have ever been involved in. We took lots of notes and confused ourselves, partook in wine, and made many sounds along the line of "Hmmm." It may have been the highest use of the word "interesting" in a period of two hours. After one wrong guess, Mr. Green determined that it was Mrs. White in the Billiard Room with the Wrench.

You can't trust those maids.

Tips for throwing a CLUE party:
- Get lots of spare board game pieces for decorations. You can find pieces on eBay.
- Ask everyone to bring a weapon from the game.
- Expand and use colors and weapons from the Master Detective version.
- Use the colors from the game in napkins, glasses, everything you can.
- Label your rooms the same as the game.
- Play the board game, watch the movie, or both. Or create a new murder mystery. You could go the live roleplaying route too, but warn your guests ahead of time.
- If dinner is a party of the evening, it never hurts to make something that looks like blood.

CLUE Party CLUE Party CLUE Party 13

A few more photos of the murder, I mean party, here.

March 10, 2010

Number Six Bracelet How-To

When I made the list of things necessary to my Number Six red dress costume, the bracelet was at the top.  It is part of the outfit, as is the silver ring.  I spent more than a couple of hours scouring the internet looking for a replica or a source.  Another person who pulled together a Six costume found a fabulous bracelet at a store in Canada but didn't seem willing to divulge the store name or the designer.

The only option left was to make one.  Obviously.  I asked my propmaker boyfriend for assistance.  In case anyone else has struggled to find this bracelets, here's a rough how-to.  After gathering reference photos (which I kept a set of here), we drew out the shapes on cardstock.  Then we gathered the following materials:

Wax paper
Sandpaper, fingernail polishing pads
Silver spray paint
Monofilament fishing line
Nylon strap, length depends on wrist size plus 5" for buckle
Grinding wheel - helpful, not necessary
Pasta machine - helpful, not necessary
Super glue/instant glue

- Mix parts A & B of epoxy putty until they are even gray.  Once you mix them, you have about four hours of work time and about 24 hours until it cures completely.
- Immediately put the mixed putty between two sheets of wax paper and roll through pasta machine if you have one, if not use a rolling pin.
- Using your sketches, cut the epoxy putty into rough form and shapes.
- As you can see from the picture above, the pieces are at various angles.  Fold a piece of cardstock and carefully angle your pieces so they will cure into the right shapes/angles.
- Once cured, finish shaping with sandpaper and/or a grinding wheel.
- Polish the pieces with fingernail polish pads (it takes a long time to get them perfectly smooth, be patient).
- Spray paint pieces silver.
- Spray paint nylon strap (sacrifice a backpack or get some at the local fabric store) silver.
- After sculpted pieces are dry, drill two tiny holes in the middle of each piece to put the monofilament through.
- Use super glue to put monofilament in hole and attach to nylon strap with sewing needle.  Tie knot on bottom of the strap and put a dot of instant glue on each knot.
- To finish the bracelet, sew a slide loop or strap adjuster buckle on the end.

You can follow the same process with the epoxy putty to make her triangle ring as well.  Ring bases are easy to find at any craft supply store.

Hopefully this will help someone; I'm happy to attempt answering any specific questions.

March 8, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday: The Vader Project

Comic Con 2007_54

Didn't it ever occur to anyone that Darth Vader would get tired of black?

Actually, he probably wouldn't.

Nevertheless, in celebration of 30 years of Star Wars, The Vader Project was created. A handful of artists were invited to design a new helmet for Vader. They were given a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the films. They were originally displayed in May 2007 Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles. They got around and eventually made it to the San Diego Comic-Con in July of that year with some new additions.

Now the helmets are in Pennsylvania at the Andy Warhol Museum with new additions. They'll be on exhibit until May 3rd.

March 6, 2010

The LXD - Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Can dancing be geeky?  Why yes, Virginia, it can.

The LXD is an upcoming web series directed by Jon Chu.  It chronicles the formation of the most elite dance crew in the world.  Comic book style characters with stunning powers of dance fight it out in an epic battle with heroes and villains.  Besides mind-blowing dance offs, Chu will interweave cinematic narrative and "mythology woven around how the various dance styles in the hip-hop world came to be."

Give a few minutes of your time, watch the trailer.  You'll be blown away.

Also, Joss Whedon named the trailer as one of the top ten he was grateful for in 2009.  That at least makes it geek-approved.

As you can guess, they don't call themselves the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers for nothing.  The world really started paying attention after they performed on So, You Think You Can Dance? in December of last year.  The world will sit up and take notice again after their performance at the Oscars tomorrow.  Check out the promo:

Fun note: A handful of props for the series were made in my backyard, including the golden sword in the Oscar dance (painted up just a few nights ago in record time).

March 3, 2010

Construction of a Costume

I like costumes, and I end up planning more than I will ever be able to wear.  I start out each one with a lot of research.  I scour the internet and look for images of the costume I want to replicate.  If it's from a TV show or movie, I'll dig through screenshots.  Or if I'm lucky, other people have already made the costume and done the hard work for me.

In the next step, I print out a few of the photos and start making lists.  I try to keep it to three categories: pieces of the costume I have, pieces I need for the costume to be effective, and pieces I want.  The wants are extras that would be nice but aren't absolutely necessary pieces.

At this point, if I the "need" category is crazy long or full of weird items, I think about whether I really want to do the costume.  With some costumes, I might decide that what I need is too specialized and I'll considering getting it custom made (like my Number 6  costume).  That depends on how much I want it and how much cash I have in my bank account.  ;) If I decide the list is reasonable, and I want to make the costume, I print this sheet out. By the end, most of the white space is filled with scribbles.

I start with the "need" list.  I spend a lot of time (okay, more time) on the internet seeing what others have used and where they got their supplies.  For example, the Kaylee costume above has been done lots of times.  I already have a long list of links where I can get coveralls, patches, and a parasol from.  I plan to wear this costume to Comic-Con one day this year.  In fact, I'm hoping for a different costume every day: Kaylee, Princess Leia, Star Trek officer (new movie version), and maybe Poison Ivy.

And because I'm a nerd that likes to organize, I keep electronic files on each costume as well as paper ones in sheet protectors.

Do you have any special methods when putting together your costume?

March 2, 2010

Music of Battlestar Galactica

Music of Battlestar Galactica

Robbie Anderson, Paul Cartwright, and Tom "Dirty Brahms" Lea tearing up the strings

On Saturday night of Comic-Con 2009, a couple hundred fans gathered at the House of Blues to see an orchestra. Do you have that so far? Saturday night, orchestra, and one more thing - standing room only. Those aren't words that are usually combined in the same sentence.

But when Bear McCreary is involved, it's a no-brainer.

McCreary has done a pretty magical thing. He's not only made the score and soundtrack of a television show insanely popular, but the soundtrack for a science fiction TV show. That takes some skills. And he has skills and talent. Epic amounts of them. He has a spot-on ability to pick just the right sounds, just the right tone, instruments, you name it. I've never felt, and I think many fans would agree, that there has been a wrongly placed note in the entire four seasons of Battlestar Galactica. McCreary started scoring the show with three musicians in a garage. Now, he has an orchestra of 16 talented musicians, including former members of the 80s band Oingo Boingo. He's obviously doing something right.

This was my second experience seeing the orchestra in concert. I've been blown away both times. In concert, McCreary's passion for what he does is evident; his time on stage was split between energetic conducting, singing, playing the accordion, and playing piano sonatas. The enthusiasm of every musician just rolled off the stage. The fans were awesome too, all of us cheering as soon as we recognized a piece from the first few notes. How many times have you rocked out to an orchestra?

If you're a fan of music and especially if you are a fan of tyco drums, Irish whistles, and serious strings, visit the site of the BSG Orchestra. I encourage performing a quick search for "Battlestar Galactica concert" on You Tube. If you're not floored, I'll do something wacky. Like eat olives (I really dislike olives).

Music of Battlestar Galactica

Raya Yarbrough

On the slim chance that he ever reads this, thank you Bear, for bringing us your music.

March 1, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Leeloo

Comic-Con 2009

I know, I may as well call this costume photo Monday. When I dig through my archived pics though, the costumes are the ones that really jump out me. This awesome Leeloo was so cute at last year's Comic-Con. I saw her a few times throughout the day, and in this photo, she was looking up at a 7 or so feet tall guy. I can't remember what costume he was wearing, but the sight of them beside each other was too cute.
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