March 31, 2010

The Bean Issue #2 Review

The Bean, Issue #2 - Shrewd Bargainings

“A broken moon,
A silver spoon,
A knife of brass,
A golden glass...”

The Bean, Issue #2 – Shrewd Bargainings starts with ominous tones. As the adventure continues, Hanson wastes no time grabbing the readers attention with a mysterious character. The collector. He speaks in rhyming prose, and he is the one responsible for grabbing the Bean from the paths of Dark Leaf. As it turns out, the collector has been hoping to find the Bean. The boy is his gopher...for something. While Bean wonders about his fate, Siv, barkeep for the Silver Digger sets out into the forest to look for the missing Bean. For a barkeep, he knows his way around the forest.

The tale continues to spin forward. The reader learns more pieces about the world outside the Silver Dagger, and it's always enjoyable to see a world take shape and expand. New characters come along. Comings and goings give hints of hard times and a peek at the politics of the world.

The illustrations continue to be rich and full of depth. It is not a bad thing to flip through once and only read the story by the images. You'll pick up something new about the tale. Take lots of extra looks at the office of the collector and the underground lair he explores. The details are endless.


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