April 8, 2010

The Bean - Issue # 4 Available!

The Bean Learns His Destiny
The Bean: Forgotten Stories, Issue 4
After much anticipation, fans of the Bean comics by Travis Hanson will learn just what is ahead for the young star of the tale. Forgotten Stories: Issue 4 picks right up at the “to be continued” from Issue 3. The story delves into new places, and Hanson gives away some of the secrets about the world of the Broken Moon. A key legend is revealed in detailed illustrations. The characters evolve and set off on new paths, some by choice and some not. Destiny is forced upon the Bean and one can only follow along to see what he does with his new burden.

These new paths takes readers to places full of the details and depth. Hanson excels at creating rich panels that readers can immerse themselves in. And readers will love stepping into the new locations of Issue 4.

The Bean: Forgotten Stories Issue 4 is available for immediate purchase at BeanLeaf Press.

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