March 11, 2010

CLUE Party

CLUE Party

Step right into the McGillicuddy Manor. Check your weapons before entering and take a claim check number. Watch your back because you never know who is waiting to stab it.

Thus began an evening of merriment, food, and CLUE. Friends of ours hosted a CLUE dinner party last weekend. I love board games and costumes, so I really couldn’t imagine a more perfect evening. Each of the attendees had to choose the suspect they would portray. The only rule for the costume was that one had to wear the corresponding character color somewhere.

I chose Miss Scarlett. I had a red corset and bustle skirt from Damsel in this Dress that I’ve been dying to wear. The dinner was wonderful and staved off hunger, but not murderous intentions. After eating, we played the longest game of CLUE I have ever been involved in. We took lots of notes and confused ourselves, partook in wine, and made many sounds along the line of "Hmmm." It may have been the highest use of the word "interesting" in a period of two hours. After one wrong guess, Mr. Green determined that it was Mrs. White in the Billiard Room with the Wrench.

You can't trust those maids.

Tips for throwing a CLUE party:
- Get lots of spare board game pieces for decorations. You can find pieces on eBay.
- Ask everyone to bring a weapon from the game.
- Expand and use colors and weapons from the Master Detective version.
- Use the colors from the game in napkins, glasses, everything you can.
- Label your rooms the same as the game.
- Play the board game, watch the movie, or both. Or create a new murder mystery. You could go the live roleplaying route too, but warn your guests ahead of time.
- If dinner is a party of the evening, it never hurts to make something that looks like blood.

CLUE Party CLUE Party CLUE Party 13

A few more photos of the murder, I mean party, here.


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