March 19, 2010

Finally getting San Diego Comic-Con right

This San Diego Comic-Con marks my fifth year attending. To celebrate this, I finally am doing the convention right. Yes, it's taken me five years to actually get it. I'm on track so far. I purchased the 4 day membership for 2010 last year before I left San Diego. And yesterday, I stepped right up to the San Diego Comic-Con hotel roulette and booked a room as close as I could to the convention center.

You see I've learned from about a million mistakes. Let me give you my brief Comic-Con history.

2006 - first year in attendance, only bought a one day pass, stayed in a faraway hotel and drove the car into downtown San Diego. Epic fail. The parking lot was a long, miserable hike away from the convention center. Didn't bring any snacks or water. I think this was the year when things started to sell out before the on site registration.

2007 - still only bought a one day pass because of poor planning. Drove down for the day, but had the sense to park at Qualcomm Stadium and take the trolley in. Brought a few snacks. Did not have time to see much.

2008 - failed to buy the 4 day pass still. I know. Bought two day Friday and Saturday memberships, tried the volunteer thing. Booked a hotel room that was just a 40 minute trolley ride away. Wore a costume for the first time. The hotel was just far enough away that I couldn't really leave in the middle of the day for a break for fear of missing a panel or something else cool. Volunteering, though only 4 hours, ate up valuable con time. I did learn the value of a good Excel schedule though with priorities for panels and nice highlighted exhibit hall map.

2009 - can you believe I still didn't buy a 4 day membership? No, I procrastinated too long. In fact, until only Sunday was left. Again, epic fail. The only plus about 2009 was that because of cancellations I scored a room for Saturday night at the Hilton in the Gaslamp Quarter and we saw the Music of Battlestar Galactica concert.

2010 - FINALLY purchased the 4 day membership in advance and got hotel room close to the convention center. I have a different costume planned for three days. As it gets closer, I will figure out who will be there and hopefully meet up with people. And yeah, I will so be making a schedule of panels each day that I want check out.

See you there.


  1. Oh wow, I can't even imagine how busy and huge the Comic Con must be!

    I hope you have lots of fun!

  2. It's insane. But I love that kind of insane.

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