March 6, 2010

The LXD - Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Can dancing be geeky?  Why yes, Virginia, it can.

The LXD is an upcoming web series directed by Jon Chu.  It chronicles the formation of the most elite dance crew in the world.  Comic book style characters with stunning powers of dance fight it out in an epic battle with heroes and villains.  Besides mind-blowing dance offs, Chu will interweave cinematic narrative and "mythology woven around how the various dance styles in the hip-hop world came to be."

Give a few minutes of your time, watch the trailer.  You'll be blown away.

Also, Joss Whedon named the trailer as one of the top ten he was grateful for in 2009.  That at least makes it geek-approved.

As you can guess, they don't call themselves the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers for nothing.  The world really started paying attention after they performed on So, You Think You Can Dance? in December of last year.  The world will sit up and take notice again after their performance at the Oscars tomorrow.  Check out the promo:

Fun note: A handful of props for the series were made in my backyard, including the golden sword in the Oscar dance (painted up just a few nights ago in record time).


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