March 10, 2010

Number Six Bracelet How-To

When I made the list of things necessary to my Number Six red dress costume, the bracelet was at the top.  It is part of the outfit, as is the silver ring.  I spent more than a couple of hours scouring the internet looking for a replica or a source.  Another person who pulled together a Six costume found a fabulous bracelet at a store in Canada but didn't seem willing to divulge the store name or the designer.

The only option left was to make one.  Obviously.  I asked my propmaker boyfriend for assistance.  In case anyone else has struggled to find this bracelets, here's a rough how-to.  After gathering reference photos (which I kept a set of here), we drew out the shapes on cardstock.  Then we gathered the following materials:

Wax paper
Sandpaper, fingernail polishing pads
Silver spray paint
Monofilament fishing line
Nylon strap, length depends on wrist size plus 5" for buckle
Grinding wheel - helpful, not necessary
Pasta machine - helpful, not necessary
Super glue/instant glue

- Mix parts A & B of epoxy putty until they are even gray.  Once you mix them, you have about four hours of work time and about 24 hours until it cures completely.
- Immediately put the mixed putty between two sheets of wax paper and roll through pasta machine if you have one, if not use a rolling pin.
- Using your sketches, cut the epoxy putty into rough form and shapes.
- As you can see from the picture above, the pieces are at various angles.  Fold a piece of cardstock and carefully angle your pieces so they will cure into the right shapes/angles.
- Once cured, finish shaping with sandpaper and/or a grinding wheel.
- Polish the pieces with fingernail polish pads (it takes a long time to get them perfectly smooth, be patient).
- Spray paint pieces silver.
- Spray paint nylon strap (sacrifice a backpack or get some at the local fabric store) silver.
- After sculpted pieces are dry, drill two tiny holes in the middle of each piece to put the monofilament through.
- Use super glue to put monofilament in hole and attach to nylon strap with sewing needle.  Tie knot on bottom of the strap and put a dot of instant glue on each knot.
- To finish the bracelet, sew a slide loop or strap adjuster buckle on the end.

You can follow the same process with the epoxy putty to make her triangle ring as well.  Ring bases are easy to find at any craft supply store.

Hopefully this will help someone; I'm happy to attempt answering any specific questions.


  1. WOOW! I am so impressed. LOVE BSG! after star Trek it's THE best scifi show. I just started follow you on Twitter and, again woow! you just have the best taste ever!
    and I love finding nerdy women like myself. (in sweden we are a rare species)
    You are really cool :)

  2. Donfia - Thank you so much for the kind words. I am always thrilled to find fellow girl geeks. :D BSG is probably my favorite sci-fi show of all time followed closely by Star Trek the Next Generation!

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