March 25, 2010

Second Life - Atea Avatars

I like to escape to Second Life when I can. When I'm in world, I tend to do a lot of things I do in real life. Teleport from place to place and look at the beautiful gardens or Magicland (a virtual Disneyland) and chat with friends. I am amazed at what people can do with pixels. Yeah, I fully realize how lame that sounds. I can't think of a better way to put it.

The range of designs and creations one can find in Second Life are astounding. I can dress up and walk through streets and homes right out of a Jane Austen novel; I can look at the windmills of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, circa 1900; and yes, I can also travel through a virtual Stargate. Cause why wouldn't you? The nerdy possibilities abound. I can almost guarantee that the planets of the Star Wars are recreated in Second Life, and I know there is a virtual Serenity. I'm just sayin'.

One of the coolest things about Second Life is choosing your avatar. The body and face (you can have multiple ones) that will represent you visually throughout SL. You can start with the basics, but soon you'll want something a little more, well, you. I have just the place for you. Visit Atea Avatars. I quote from her site:

"I create high quality complete 3D avatars and distinctive characters, both human and fantasy. My collection includes youthful male and female humans as well as wonderful elder male avatars and middled aged men and women. I have also created a fantasy line of faery queen avatars, basic faeries, and lovely drow as well as nekos and role play characters."

After looking at I-refuse-to-admit-how-many designers and virtual stores, I finally stumbled across these amazing avatars that added more than a bit of personality.  There was no question.  Her designs are unique and really run the gamut of every race, size, and shape.  I took a while picking out the virtual me.  I spend most of my SL as Mahea, a really gorgeous neko.  I would love to have real life hair like that.  I also really appreciate  that for a very reasonable price you get a gorgeous avatar with multiple outfits and accessories.
Another plus?  Atea is one of the nicest, most helpful folks I've come across in the virtual world.

Get thee to her virtual store in SL in Qissence.  You won't regret it.  Come back and tell me about the avatar you purchased.


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