April 13, 2010

The Bean Issue #3 Review

The Bean, Issue #3 – Into the Dark opens with rain over the forest of Dark Leaf, dampening ground and making certain ogres extra grumpy. The rain pours while Siv continues his search through the forest for Bean. The collector and Bean continue along an underground path lined with wonders and horrors. What look like the remnants of an interesting past. The collector speaks of the song he hears from the sword he must find. He believes the Bean is the only one who can retrieve it; others have failed. The reader begins to see that the Bean is something special. People who know him seem to need to protect him. And not necessarily because of his age, it's like he has an effect on those around him.

Many parts start to fall together in this issue. Hanson has a knack for revealing just the right amount of information on the right page. Enough to make the story feel cohesive and to keep you flipping to the next page excitedly. Just a little bit is kept back, and the story is wonderful for it. You hear a bit of the world's history, before the moon was broken. The reader gets a hint of Bean's past and of Siv's too. You don't learn it all though, and that keeps you itching for the next issue of The Bean.
The next issue was just released too, you can go buy it at BeanLeaf Press.


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