April 20, 2010

Custom Gaming Tables!

The Emissary custom dining/gaming table

When I spotted an array of custom tables at Anaheim Comic Con Saturday, it was all I could do not to drop my purchase from Things from Another World and run over in flailing fashion.  How did I not know about these?  These beautiful lines, these hidden drawers, and sliding trays.  Oh my.  A friendly staff member helped bring me out of catatonic state and showed around their booth.  This multi-purpose furniture is made by Geek Chic.  They've got tables, curio cases, and pretty designs to store pretty, geeky things.  Let me tell you about the table pictured above.  It has a dropped surface playing area.  It comes with an acrylic whiteboard AND a thin piece of translucent grid in hexes or squares.  You can lift up the acrylic whiteboard, insert your campaign map (or one of the maps Geek Chic provides), overlay the map with your grid, put the whiteboard back in place and tada!  You have a way to keep your map clean, you have the grid for scale, and you can draw all over the whiteboard. 

You can get it with various types of drawers or trays including the coolest one for your GM with a built in privacy screen.  It's a given that you can get cupholders attached.  I mean, I think that's just necessary for gaming.

If that's not gamer heaven, what is?

I won't torture you by telling you about the amazing GM rolling desk/cabinet they also had available.  Get thee over to their website, and if you ever get a table from them, please invite me over to play?


  1. Aren't these amazing? Me and the husband fell in love at PAX East and put a deposit down on the new coffee table one. We felt so grown up and yet not at the same time for buying an expensive piece of nice furniture for gaming!

    Girls Are Geeks

  2. WANT. I have no space and my gaming crew have all moved to Seattle (leaving me on the East Coast!), but still I want it.

    Maybe next time I need a dining room table (though we have an awesome and sturdy one already). *sigh*

  3. Rosaline - that is so very cool. They are really fine pieces, sturdy and elegant. Please take photos when it ends up at your place. :)

    Ruth - I want desperately. I don't have much room for anything bigger than our current four seater - but one day. You would have potential gamers lining up to play at this kind of table.

  4. My boyfriend just bought a new place, and we host bi-monthly gaming sessions there. we need something like this for the room where we game, since right now everyone's using folding tables, the floor, or a random little shelf. The first time we gamed at the new place, half of us used a mattress that we had just placed in the middle of the room.

  5. duskyalleykat - We use what's available too, but one day - I would really LOVE to make something like these. One day. ;)

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