April 15, 2010

My Wall of Nerd

It's time to introduce all of you to my in-constant-progress wall of nerd.  I love finding new artists, especially so when they are fantasy artists or do wonderful art based on my favorite stories.  I never walk away from a convention without at least one new piece of art.  I live in a small place, I'm running out of wall to hang them on, but that doesn't stop me.

On the wall so far we have art by (from left to right):
Chris Howard - first two pieces
Jason Palmer
Grant Gould - all three pieces on right

Yet to be hung, I have another piece by Jason Palmer and a signed poster of The Guild cast won at the Dr. Horrible charity screening last fall.

On a separate wall I have art from (top left to right):

If I continue at this rate, our house is going to become an art gallery.  Which is okay with me.

What about you guys?  What artist's work do you have hanging on your walls? 


  1. Aww I used to have a whole geekwall but I can't now since I'm living with my in-laws :(

  2. Grant does indeed do excellent work!

  3. I have a Legend of Zelda poster up with some of my own drawings on one wall, an old poster of The Curse of the Maltese Falcon with cutouts of Stewie and Brian sitting on top on another wall, and random wall scrolls of Mugen from Samurai Champloo and Full Metal Alchemist up around the apartment.

  4. Love it! I have too much on my walls.. looks like a kid's room :P look!

  5. I have my own comic-book drawings up aswell. Only original art I have is from Mort Walker!

  6. I've been collecting swords and axes since I was a little kid. Now, they adorn a wall of my game/TV room. Luckily, my wife is a nerd, too, and thinks it's totally cool. I'll throw a picture up on my blog soon.

  7. My geek wall: http://geekinsight.blogspot.com/2010/04/nerd-wall.html

  8. Unfortunately, I have pretty much nothing on my walls. At all. After a couple years I finally put up a few framed photos. Our apartment's walls don't take tape or sticky tack well and it's really hard to drive in a nail, impossible to use a pushpin. I really miss my days in the dorm when I could just stick things up on the wall (but mostly I like being an adult w/my own apartment).

    The biggest feature of my room in my teen years was a giant retro-style world map. I also had a few sketches of X-Wings...

  9. I'm chuffed to be up there in your collection, Amy, especially while you still have wall space. We can pretend the macarons are actually edible flying saucers. ;)

  10. Thanks all for responding and letting me know what you or don't have on the walls.

    Fia - I love your walls!!

    GeekInsight - all the weapons rock. Thanks for posting your pics.

    Shell - They are Unidentified Flying Delicious Goodies. UFDG! :D

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