April 5, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Meeting the Cast of The Guild

I gripe about Los Angeles, but you know? Cool stuff happens here. Premieres, special screenings, and the signing for The Guild at Golden Apple Comics in Hollywood.

I arrived a little after five and found a line already forming for the event at six. I had to run in and buy copies of the comic because somehow the copy that I pre-ordered from the internets hadn't arrived (it arrived yesterday finally). Once back in line, I spotted Greg Aronowitz and a guy with a microphone. The guy with the microphone turned out to be Geeky Fan Boy that does the Knights of the Guild podcast. He was hitting up folks in line to talk about The Guild comic, and I happily volunteered.

I discovered The Guild through Dr. Horrible. As the story usually goes, I was immediately hooked. Even though I wasn't a gamer. That's key when I tell people about The Guild. I do have a lot of gaming friends and know what happens, but still. You can love The Guild without jumping into a MMO. The writing is clever, the characters are fun. I mean, you see character development in just seven minutes. That can't be easy to do episode after episode.

I was really excited to hear that a comic was being developed for The Guild. There's plenty of room to tell more stories about the Knights of Good, and this issue tells us how Cyd found the game, created Codex, and met the Knights of Good. As was appropriate, the whole cast came to Golden Apple Comics to sign the first issue. A ton of people showed up for the signing. I waited in line for almost two hours I think, and the line was stretched out far behind me. Even with all the people, the cast members took the time to talk to everyone that wanted to. I benefited from Comic Book Resources being just in front of me grabbing quick thoughts from the cast on the comic. It held up the line a little, and I got to talk to everyone longer. I mentioned to Vince Caso (Bladezz) that I enjoyed seeing the card handling in Season 2. Since the line was kinda held up, he pulled out a deck of cards and wowed us. Felicia Day was so sweet and really generous with her time.

The line for signing led to the parking lot behind Golden Apple Comics where Guild wine was being served up with some snacks. The cast was going to hang out for a little after everything was signed. I would have loved to stay until the signing was over, but being that I was alone, I felt a little out of place. (Yeah, I'm a geek and I'm shy - I know, that never happens). Still, it was a great night and I'm very excited to have a signed collectible.

A few more photos here and more from Geeky Fan Boy here.


  1. Stuff like this doesn't happen in DC. *jealous* Sounds like a really awesome time.

    I'm just getting started on really reading comic books (starting with Buffy because I couldn't let it end at 7 seasons, though I've read graphic novels, e.g. Sandman/Watchmen, for a while). I think maybe the Guild comics are the next thing I'll do. :-D

  2. I try to keep neat things like this in mind when I'm cursing traffic.

    I started with Sandman and V for Vendetta and a few other graphic novels too. Then I picked up Star Wars comics and then Buffy comics and suddenly they are taking over my bookshelf. :)

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