April 12, 2010

Nerdy Photo Monday - Slave Leia

Comic Con 2007_50
Obi-Wan (Jedi J) and Princess Leia, SDCC 2007

At almost any convention, but especially San Diego Comic-Con, you are guaranteed to run into at least one slave Leia. I've seen entire groups of slave Leias and even a steampunk version of the costume. You've got to brave to don it. Besides the midriff baring, the skirt has open sides. I think girls usually get thongs with clear sides to wear under it. It's appropriate though that self-confident women are the ones emulating Leia. She does kind of kick ass, and she didn't look so self-conscious about the outfit in the movie. Though Jabba meant to humiliate her with the costume, her strong character made it self empowering.  Jabba realized that too late. 

Now, that's a kick ass chick.

Slave bikini facts:
- The costume designers for the infamous outfit were Aggie Guerard Rodgers and Nilo Rodis-Jamero. There were metal and rubber versions of the costume.
- The design was based on artist Frank Frazetta's Egyptian Queen painting.
- Can you believe it was only on screen in the original version for for 150 seconds?
- Within the Star Wars-universe, the veils were made of the luxury cloth Lashaa silk and the leather boots were made from jerbas hide, a Tatooine beast of burden.
- The costume came about after Fisher lamented the lack of interesting costumes for her character.
- In The Phantom Menace, a very similar bikini is seen on one of Jabba's slaves.
- Fisher said the costume was difficult to wear and is "what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell."

Need your own slave Leia bikini? Here are two resources to buy handcrafted ones:
Leia's Metal Bikini - all inclusive outfit and comes in several color options for the metal finish and fabric
Miala.net - Great pieces and I can vouch for quality, this is where I got my Six costume

Ambitious enough to make one? Here are some guides from those who have done so:
- Tutorial by LisaFett - super detailed tutorial with great guidance on materials
- Slave Bikini Builders group on Yahoo
- Cut Out and Keep Tutorial - easy supply list and several photos
- Leia's Metal Bikini - links to tons of reference photos to help your costume building

Do you have a slave Leia costume? Have you seen an awesome one at a convention? Tell me about it in the comments.

Carrie Fisher and stuntwoman Tracey Eddon sunbathing in costume.


  1. Oh God, Slave Leia. I've made it a habit of keeping track of how many of them I see at every con I go to.

    DragonCon 2009 (three days) yielded 21 slave Leias, including one Man!Leia (WHY GOD WHY) and one woman who actually looked like Carrie Fisher. She was kind of amazing, and I'm fairly sure there was real gold in her costume.

    I only went to Comic Con 2009 for one day but I managed to find eight slave Leias in spite of it. I'm thinking of carrying an autograph book just for them so I can make sure I don't have any duplicates.

    :D - Emmi (www.emilypritchard.com)

  2. Woohoo that's me in that pic! :D

  3. Jedi-J - oh cool! I linked your blogger profile page for now, but I can direct it somewhere else if you'd like. :)

  4. Emily - Okay, I love the idea of keeping count on how many you see. Twenty-one Leias at one convention is crazy. Just think if you happened to catch them when they do a group shot with the giant Jabba at SDCC. Make the autograph book. It would be awesome.

    A man Leia is not necessary in life. Ever. ;)

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  9. Strange that people claim men are sexist at Comic Con when there's so much sexism in these comments towards men. Should women not be allowed to dress as the Hulk? Or not be allowed to wear trousers?


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