April 6, 2010

Review: Tech Storm Issue 2, Rages of War

"But what does all this gibberish really stand for, and what does it all mean?  I am sure that every single being on this earth has their own respected definition and philosophy of war, but when a man charges out of the trenches and gets shot down, does anybody really hear him scream?"

I admit, not having read issue 1 of the series, I was a little confused upon initially jumping into Rages of War.  I did a quick search on the internet to find a summary of issue 1.  In this future, robots and cyborgs are lead by Death (a robot) in a war against mankind.  The humans are losing.  But the son of the leader of the human forces ends up becoming a super soldier with living armor as a result of an attack while he is recovering from an injury.  He rallies the human forces, and blows up the fortress of Death.

Issue 2 picks up here.  Tech Storm returns to the fortress to ensure that Death is actually dead.  Those robots have a way of getting around that time and time again.  We meet some new characters and though Death tries to escape, his pod is destroyed.  Or is it?  Death may still be alive; the issue is left open-ended.

Yes, robots vs. humans is a classic tale.  But classic for a reason.  It's relevant and will be for our society for a while to come.  Some new characters are introduced that I assume readers will learn more about in future issues.  Overall, I really enjoy the style of the comic; the art is gritty and is just the right way to tell the story of war.  My only nitpick is the lettering.  The hand lettering matches well with the story/style, but it's difficult to read in spots and some words are randomly capitalized.  For me, it disturbs the flow of reading.

I'm not sure if it's intentional or not, but I will always read "I have a bad feeling about this" in a comic as homage to Star Wars.  And I love that.

You can purchase Tech Storm from Star Verse Comics.

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