April 8, 2010

WonderCon - My Blog on a T-shirt

I've met some darn cool folks over at Twitter (you know, they are cool enough to use neither the word darn or folks).  One such person is Manuel Yoro, aka Monkey Jedi.

Imagine my surprise when a few days before WonderCon, he posted a pic of this t-shirt, with the the tag that he was pimping for us at WonderCon.  Look, my blog on a t-shirt.  My initial reaction was a string of Wows! with squees in between.  And those other blogs?  Well, they're big and they kinda rock.  By kinda, I mean they are awesome.  They are writers of a talent that I aspire to.

TheNerdyBird.com - the wonderful Has Boobs, Reads Comics blog by Jill Pantozzi.  She writes features comics and many topics, nerdy and fun.  You can also check out her writing at Comic Book Resources, Heartless Doll, Girls Entertainment Network, and MTV.com.

Hour42.com - a must listen to podcast about comic books and the culture around them.  "Covering heroes - on the air, in the air and all around us."  It's hosted by Peter Pixie and El Secreto.  Jill Pantozzi and Katrina Hill have both been involved with this podcast as co-hosts or contributors.

ActionFlickChick.com - G4’s official Next Woman of the Web, Katrina Hill is Action Flick Chick.  Go check out her scores of reviews and interviews.   You can also find her submissions on Crackle and Live For Films.

Go check out Manuel's post about WonderCon.  Stalk his blog, say hi to him Twitter.

Thank you Manuel. This surprise rocked.


  1. I remember you mentioning that at the dinner party. TOO cool!

  2. It was a really awesome surprise. :D


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