April 1, 2010

You don't know Whedon? Really?

One fateful day, shortly after the release of Dr. Horrible, I couldn't help myself. At my desk in an open office, I just exclaimed out loud, "I love Joss Whedon." Do you know what I got in response? A chorus of "Who??" from around my office. I'm not even kidding. Insert the sound of my palm hitting my face here.

You see, I work in an office of non-geeks. One of them hates the Lord of the Ring movie trilogy. My ranks have expanded since that July day of Whedon blasphemy, but only a little. And of my new nerdy co-workers, almost none had watched Dr. Horrible. I decided to educate them all and have a Dr. Horrible showing at my desk during lunch one day.

I was polite. I invited all departments equally even though I know some of them probably rolled their eyes at me as soon as I walked away. At 2pm, I still had a crowd of four whole people at my desk though. Four possible converts to the magic of Whedon.

By the end of Act III, only two remained.  I lost one at the first song My Freeze Ray.  I gained a person briefly at the "Hammer is my penis" line.  Then I lost him as fast as a Twitter spambot disappears.  I'm not the best presenter.  I was quite protective of the best lines and didn't appreciate anyone talking over Everyone's A Hero or asking who Nathan Fillion was anyway.  Sigh.

But at the end?  One co-worker asked to borrow season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and another asked for the link to watch it later.



  1. Oh, do we work in the same place by any chance? My co-workers are the most.. well.. living-under-a-nerdy-rock bunch of people around; all they care and talk about is sports. I happen to hate sports, so that balances out quite well.

    But I feel your pain, I really do.

  2. Nice. Not everyone's meant to be a Joss Whedon fan but I really wish I could convert more coworkers. We work in a freaking library! There's one who likes Torchwood...which is something. I think he used to watch Buffy too.

    I got hooked on Joss when my gaming buddies decided to watch Firefly while I was baking at their apt (not having a kitchen myself as I was living in dorms). Then a few years later someone forced Buffy season 1 on me. That's when I became a total convert to Whedonawesomeness.

  3. When will people realize that Joss is Boss?? :) way to go and I'm with you in spreading the good word of Joss. My co-workers are a bit geeky but Dr Horrible isn't on their radar. I'll get there eventually - don't want to freely admit we're watching stuff we shouldn't be watching (the MAN is watching us!) Nice to meet a fellow Whedonist.

  4. can't believe they didn't know Wheadon.. I mean.. hm. But I sometimes live in my own world where I think everyone knows and loves everything I do haha :)

  5. Trennas - Dude, possibly! My co-workers like to talk about sports, weddings, and celebrity babies. Bleh. I have a couple of fellow geeks now. We make jokes that no one else gets. :)

  6. Ruth - Well, Torchwood is a start. Some people just seemed to be turned off by the subject. You mention sci-fi or space or vampires, and they immediately assume they won't like it. Which is their loss, especially when Joss is concerned.

    I started with Buffy and Angel. I watched them off and on. Then I was glued to Firefly and went back and watched all of Buffy and Angel. Whedon rocks!

  7. Nielle - I've learned that even Dr. Horrible is much for some geeks. When I hear supervillain musical, I think "awesome," but most other people say, "huh?" Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'm always happy to meet a fellow Whedon-admirer.

  8. Fia - Me too. But I like it in my geeky world. I want everyone to move there! :D

  9. I'm totally with you. All of my friends seem to worship at the church of Whedon, Espenson, and Moore, but very few people I teach with know anything about it. There's one who's a HUGE BSG fan and a few "used to watch Buffy" back in the day, but no Dr. Horrible, no comic readers, no *gasp* Firefly.

    In their defense, many of them do watch BBT, but few of them actually relate to the geeky side of it. Most of them are "Penny."

  10. I plug NPH or Dr. Horrible at least once a month on my blog and once a week in my real life. I've found the same thing: some people get it, others don't. Too sad....

    Also, I need to hop on some BSG ASAP. I feel i is a necessary step in my own geekdom.

  11. Kara - No Firefly?? Firefly is actually the hardest Whedon for me to sell. I say space and Western in the same sentence and people immediately say No. It's a pity.

  12. Soft nonsense - At least you try to plug it though! We're trying to get people to realize the general awesome-ness!

    And yes, I can't say enough good things about BSG. It brought more than a few of my friends into accepting sci-fi.


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