May 19, 2010

Day at the Southern California Renaissance Faire

The Queen

Last Saturday, I attended the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Fortunately, I didn't have to say the name out loud too many times, it's kind of a mouthful. This is my fourth year attending this faire, and overall, my thirteenth consecutive year attending renaissance faires. And to think my mom thought I would only go once because my high school boyfriend was going. I went to the Southern Ohio Renfaire for most of the those years and the Northern Ohio Renfaire whenever I could. But now I've moved, and I'm just happy there's a faire within driving distance. Not only that, but apparently it's the original renaissance faire.

I started my day off as I do any other trip to faire, by running right to the food court barely pausing for anything on the way. I highly recommend the shepherd's pies and a toad in the hole.
Shepherd's Pie

I had a loose agenda for the day. When I visit a renfaire for the first time, I usually look over the website closely before attending so I can plan shows to attend and make notes about vendors that I can't miss. But after I've been a few times, I get lazy. I knew I wanted to finally buy a pair of sandals for my costume and see at least Moonie and/or Broon. Oh, and eat lots of food.

SoCal Renfaire 2009_15

Success on all fronts. I got incredibly soft and comfortable leather sandals from Native Earth Shoes. I saw Moonie (that photo of Broon is from last year), and in seven hours I ate an impressive amount of grub. I even ran into the Mad Hatter and company, go figure. I've learned at ren faires, there will always be a Conan and sometimes a Klingon. So why not Alice in Wonderland?

Preparing for the Tea Party

You can find lots more photos here.

Do you guys attend renfaires? If so, which ones?


  1. My friend Ben and I were just bemoaning the total absence of faires in the UK... it's something I'd really love to do.

    Clothing: yes.
    Food: very yes.
    History of a vaguely questionable accuracy: yes.

    What's not to love??

  2. There aren't any in the UK. That seems so very wrong!

  3. and now I'm wondering if you're my more awesome twin, living a far more fabulous life! yes, we attend Scarborough, Texas Renaissance Festival, and Sherwood Forest Faire, with Sherwood being out home faire.

  4. Belle - I've always wanted to go to the Texas Festival. I've heard it's giant and pretty awesome.

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