May 23, 2010

Favorite Costumes from the SoCal Renaissance Faire

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I take a lot of photos.  One of my cameras is almost always in tow, and especially so when I go to events like a renaissance faire.  I am that annoying person that is always stopping to photograph a flower or a sign and sometimes it just seems like I am stopping for no reason at all.

While at the renaissance faire, I shoot a lot of costume photos.  Since I returned to the renaissance faire yesterday (I managed to get free tickets while visiting last weekend), and took several more photos I thought I would share my favorite costumes of this year's renaissance faire with you.

Southern California Renaissance Faire
Pink furry unicorn, because why not?

Costumes of the Renfaire
Pirates are always welcome at the renfaire

Southern California Renaissance Faire
Washing wench attire is always a welcome sight

Renaissance Faire Parade
Just look at those pants!

Southern California Renaissance Faire
I really like the colors of this ensemble

Costumes of the Renfaire
Again, the bright colors win me over

For lots more photos of renaissance faire costumes and food, go to  my Flickr page.


  1. We do a "Medieval Day" festival with our 6th grade students every April as a culminating activity from their World History class. I've done this for five years now, and I'm so determined to make a more authentic 13th-14th century tunic and surcoate so I don't have to keep wearing poorly made costumes or over-sized dresses every year.

    Love the colors in some of these costumes. And the pink, furry unicorn is made of win!

  2. I definitely admire the guy who came as a unicorn. He was very nice about photos too - as you can imagine.

    Ooh a tunic and surcoat would be lovely. There are so many wonderful fabric choices. I've seen patterns for historically accurate/period wear somewhere around the interwebs too.

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