May 17, 2010

Free Comic Giveaway!

So I have all these comics left from Free Comic Book Day, duplicates and ones I won't read again.  I thought maybe some of you would like free comics.  Am I right?  Thought so.  I'll make this as easy I can...

The Prizes
I know you're jealous of my zany patterned blanket, but I am keeping that (you can get one of your own at Ikea).  You get the comics though!

There are two awesome prizes.

Package #1:
From top left:
Radical Publishing comic
Storm Lion
World of Aspen 2010
The Stuff of Legends
Green Hornet (written by Kevin Smith)
GI Joe
Owly & Friends
Princess Aurora Pez dispenser

Package #2:
From top left:
Green Hornet (written by Kevin Smith)
Worlds of Aspen 2010
The Stuff of Legends
Mouse Guard poster
Ahsoka Tano Pez dispenser

The Rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post by 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday.  You can even do Anonymous comments but please put your Twitter name or your email address so I can contact if you win.
2. You can only enter once.
3. You must live in the US to be eligible.  I will be shipping these packages via UPS, so I will need a street address if you win, not a PO Box.

After the deadline, I will choose a name from the comments using a list randomizer.  The first two names win.  The first name gets first pick on the prizes.

Good luck!

To learn more about many of these comic books visit the preview page at the Free Comic Book Day website.


  1. Oh, this is exciting! I didn't get out on Free Comic Day, so I'm thinking positive randomizer thoughts.

    Girls Are Geeks

  2. For me, it wasn't even a matter of getting out on Free Comic Day. It's more a matter of not being anywhere within 90 miles of a comic book store. (Maybe more--I'm only guessing that Garden City, KS, has one.) Plus I'm a huge fan of Mouse Guard and am eager to see what he's done next.

  3. Oh yay! I was working from home on Free Comic Book Day so I didn't get a chance to drive all the way to a comic book store and get one. Am convincing myself that #1 is just as probable a random number as any of the others, even if it sounds too good to be true!

  4. Now to figure out the logarithm for list randomizer lol

  5. Free Comics? Hells yeah since I totally missed Free Comic Book Day! You're awesomesauce. :)

    twitter name: to_paraphrase

  6. I didn't miss free comic book day, but this seems like it could be fun! If anything else, it'll be neat to see who enters... because only one (okay, two) will leave!!!!!

    - Ittousagi (Twitter)

  7. what a fun giveaway, thanks for this!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  8. Yay for random fun! =) Both packages look awesome!

  9. Cool contest and comic stacks and lets not forget that cool blanket!

  10. Oh yay!! I was so jealous of your FCBD haul, and now you're sharing the wealth?! You're so awesome, Amy.

  11. twitter name @pinkielarue

  12. It's so nice of you to do this.

    *crosses fingers for Shrek comic*

  13. I really like that Mouse Guard poster!!! @dragonfire20

  14. please sign up the @deth_lepus for cool stuff!

  15. This is awesome! I was sick free comic book day. :( (@mrworkrate)

  16. Would love to get a hold of the SOLAR/MAGUS #FCBD issue... my LCS only gave out grab bags of 5 comics... didn't get it... Would love to win. Twitter: @DrNvrmore

  17. Thank all so much for commenting! The winners are @to_paraphrase (Izebhel) and @DrNvrmore (Jason). I notified you on Twitter, but in case you see this first, just email me ( your address. Izebhel - you get first pick!

    I'll have some more giveaways soon - additional random free comics I got on FCBD and a signed copy of the first issue of Contropussy.

  18. I love SHREK! Rdziubinski<><>@<><>

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