May 28, 2010

Geeky Cookies

Yes, you can eat geeky!  Geeky Cookies has got you covered when it comes to delicious nerdy desserts.  They've got cookies from Star Trek (left - and yes, we all know that the red one gets eaten first!), The Guild (below is Codex's Staff), Mario, Pac-Man, and more. 

The occasions that one can get geeky cookies for are numerous. They are a great gift for any holiday, good for cheering up a geeky friend, and beyond cool for parties or marathons. And think how much love you would get if you brought these over to your D&D session! The DM might even let you off the hook if you bribe him with some Adventurer cookies.  You can never go wrong with gifting cookies.  Ever.

Even though I am a person that likes to cook and bake, I have to admit that I'm usually lazy. You know those Star Wars cookie cutters I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? I will probably make those at least five times before the cookies ever actually get decorated. So it's a nice treat to buy tasty cookies that are also iced and decorated.

One other reason I adore this site? Their FAQs are in LOLCat speak.


  1. I have got to get my Hub some of those for our anniversary in a month! But which ones? Mario? Star Trek? Personally, I'd want the red velvet Magic, Delicious Heart cookies. And Codex's Staff is pretty awesome as a cookie-pop.

    You always find the coolest stuff. Thanks again for sharing, Amy!

  2. Those are too cool! Codex's staff? And the mushrooms are too cute!

  3. Kara - So many choices! I think I'll need to be getting the Fleet Pack soon. They're almost too pretty to eat though. Almost.

    Eleni - Right? I adore finding cute decorated baked goods like these because I am way too lazy. Going to be very fun to order these for a gaming night or something. :D

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