May 21, 2010

I'm a Wapsi Girl

Do you know about the webcomic Wapsi Square?  Hopefully, you do.  If not, you should go visit after this post.  It's a great comic about strong characters, dark humor, and fantasy. 

The Wapsi Girl Project was re-started when Monica (pictured on left), the protagonist of Wapsi Square won the 2009 Lulu Award for Best Female Character.  You see, all the girls of Wapsi Square are strong, intelligent, independent, and I could keep going all day.  They are positive role models to say the least.  The project asks contributors to explain what makes them Wapsi Girls.  So I sent in a few words explaining what made me a Wapsi Girl, and I was quite chuffed to be included.

Check out all the ladies of the Wapsi Girl Project for some serious inspiration, even if you're not a girl.  You can even send in your own submission to become a Wapsi Girl.


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