May 25, 2010

Los Angeles Rock'n Comic Con

The Los Angeles Rock'n Comic Con is almost here.  It also is going by the Pasadena Rock'in Comic Con in case you think there are two conventions going on this upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  This is the inaugural event for the show and, it is being held at the Pasadena Convention Center.  You can attend Friday through Sunday for $60, but don't forget to register online first.  Their site states that they will not be offering onsite registration, which I find a little odd.

It looks like they have the convention standards - vendors, artist's alley, a masquerade, panels, etc.  I will be at the Phoenix Comicon during the same weekend, but I wanted to be sure to post something since I haven't seen a ton of advertisments about the con.  I will be at the Phoenix Comicon this weekend, so if you attend the rock'n comic con, let me know your thoughts.  Oh and look up the Supa Pirate Booty Hunt booth while you're there!


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