May 31, 2010

Phoenix Comicon Costumes, my top 5

This Memorial Day weekend, I was lucky enough to visit Phoenix Comicon Saturday and Sunday.  This con rocked.  I had a wonderful time, and I can't think of a negative thing to say.  I will have a full con report for you late tomorrow or Wednesday, but until then, check out some of the many costumes I saw at the con.

My favorite costumes were this steampunk dressed couple on Saturday.  The gentleman had a kickin' functioning backpack too.

This cat head was so realistic that it caught me off guard, and I might have jumped a little.  Wow.  I saw a lot of furry costumes at the con.

Really great Padme Amidala costume, I believe she was with the Rebel Legion.

I was really impressed by this Na'vi costume.  He looked like he stepped right out of the movie!

Jareth from the Labyrinth is made to be cross-played.

You can see about 30 more photos over here.


  1. Looks like fun. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Awesome!

    I haven't even started writing about all the steampunk from Expo; gah!!

    There were some cats at Expo who actually looked like the characters from Cats the musical - not sure what was going on there - but they spent a lot of time writing around the floor very provocatively. Little bit creepy. Also; a lot of children go to Expo and I wouldn't want to have to explain furries to a 5 year old :S

    Cross-play Jareth is hot! XD

    Can't wait to hear more! Rock on ComicCon 2011, which I WILL be at...

  3. I'm not gonna lie. Furries always creep me out just a little too much. The steampunk couple was cute, and the Na'vi guy was incredibly realistic! I can't imagine how much time that took!

  4. Manuel - I recommend you come down to this one in 2011. :D

    Mary - You know, I think that's the one costume I haven't seen. Painted cats. Interesting.

    Glad you're going to come to SDCC 2011. It's quite the experience.

    Kara - Me too. It's just an area of geek I don't get. Even a little bit.

    I saw another Nav'i on Sunday dressed as a Jedi but totally spaced on taking photos. Her make-up looked just as good. What dedication!


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