May 26, 2010

Pink Raygun Post: Steampunk Costumes - More than Just Gears

What is steampunk?  I hear that question a lot, and only learning of it in the past four-six years myself, I still grasp at giving a meaningful definition.  I discuss that briefly and give an overview of steampunk costumes over on this post at Pink


  1. He rocks! I see him at the pirate and renaissance faires around here. :D

  2. That was an awesome post Amy - have been looking forward to it!

    Now you've got me flailing over steampunk costumes; I need more parties/Cons to go to!

  3. Great post! I've been fascinated by steampunk costuming for a while, but I guess I'll need to step it up and actually start putting something together. Just need somewhere to wear it, now...

  4. Mary - excellent, glad to get more people looking at steampunk. :D

    Kara - hmm, one of the nice things about steampunk is that I think it's very flexible. You could wear it to the renfaire, or a pirate fest, or any convention... or Halloween. :) I'm such an enabler!

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