May 7, 2010

Quickie Reviews for FCBD Comics

Remember how I mentioned that I scored major loot on Free Comic Book Day?  Here are some quickie reviews on my favorites of the very large stack I read.

Love and Capes, Issue 13
Maerkle Press
I picked this up on a whim because it looked funny, and after I spotted the leading lady reading a Richard Castle novel on the first page, I knew it was my kinda story.  Love the charm, art, and nerdy references.  Trades of this series went on my wishlist.

Artifacts, Issue 0
Top Cow Productions
I've read just enough of Witchblade to know I want to read more.  This issue tells us the secrets of the 12 other artifacts that determine the fate of the world.  Some artifacts have more well, facts, known.  The 13 issue series starts in July, and I will be pre-ordering and reading as much Witchblade and other Top Cow Productions as I can before then.

War of the Supermen, Issue 0
This where I spill a geek confession. I've never read a Superman comic. I've seen a couple of movies, some of the TV episodes, and picked up enough along the way to get the basic story. I loved this issue. The story line grabbed me immediately - 100,000 not so happy Supermen vs Earth, and guess who's in the middle? Well done on writing it for broad appeal. I'll be picking up the next four issues.

Mouse Guard, one shot
I already owned Mouse Guard, Fall 1152, but I grabbed this comic anyway.  Not for Fraggle Rock, but to just drool over David Petersen's art and world.  Everyone should give it more than a second glance.

The Sixth Gun, Issue 1
Oni Press
A comic set in the West (yes, capital W) with a supernatural twist - how could I not pick it up?  It was lucky to snag it, it was gone fast at my first stop of the day.  The Sixth Gun is a dangerous weapon that vanished after the Civil War.  It's resurfaced though, and lots of people and creatures want it.  A full issue, it still doesn't give away quite enough, but it works as I am curious enough to pick up the next issue when it continues in July.

Fractured Fables
Image Comics
Funny and fresh interpretations of classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes make me giggle and this preview of a hardcover book (it's an anthology with lots of contributors) does a damn fine job.  I enjoyed all the recreations, and I was sad when I got the end.  Entertaining and perfectly suitable for all ages.  The book is out later this year.

You can read a little more about each of these comics and download previews by clicking on the cover art on this page.

What were your guys' favorites from Free Comic Book Day?
I have some duplicates and other FCBD issues that I will be giving away soon!


  1. Great reviews!

    Fractured Fables sounds amazing.. I'm absolutely crazy about fairytales...

  2. Oh, nice scores, Amy ~ I'm happy for you!! I loved Archie comics when growing up, so it was a real blast from the past to see one on that FCBD previews page.

  3. Did you pick up the Stuff Of Legend freebie from Th3rd World Studios? If you like Mouse Guard it might be up your street too.

  4. Mary - It was really fun and funny, I'm looking forward to the whole collection coming out!

    Shell - I was thrilled to get so many to sample. Not like I needed to get hooked on any other new series to read. ;)

    Matt - Hi, I did pick that one up and really liked it. It is definitely right up that alley.

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