May 6, 2010

Review: The Order of Dagonet, Issue 1

”A Different Kind of British Invasion...”

How utterly screwed would the world be if the Elton Johns and Patrick Stewarts of the knighthood had to save Britain? Though I'm sure Patrick Stewart could give a mighty, “Make it so,” directive, Britain would be in trouble. The Order of the Dagonet, Issue 1 published by Firetower Studios takes on just this possibility.

Modern day Britain is invaded by a ticked off Oberon and Titania with their faery court after an ancient tree is uprooted by bulldozers. They are in no mood for reason or second chances. Desperate to fight the threat to his country, Merlin summons the knights of Britain. He does not get the heroic, armored knights of yore however. Instead, Britain's modern day knights, the Order of Dagonet, show up: Dizzy Claiborne, Sir Tottington, and Gene Everyman.

Wonder what the Order of Dagonet is? Well the creators have included a faux wiki page listing just for you (found on the last page of the issue). The Order of Dagonet, it’s “an order of knights within the British Commonwealth Realms. Founded by King Edward VIII during his short 325 day reign as king, the order was created to honor outstanding achievements in fields related to entertainment. Inductees represent such diverse professions as: athletes, actors, musicians, authors, Formula 1 drives, puppeteers, film directors, and millionaire CEO’s.”

I think this idea is intriguing and pretty damn brilliant. This first issue shows real potential, and the plot has so paths to take. Readers will definitely want to stay tuned to see how these three not-quite-heroes handle the tasks before them.

The page layout will really grab your attention. The design is bold but not too all over the place. The layout flow is a bit interrupted in a couple of places, but one can still follow the story. The illustration style is not quite like anything I've seen. Warm colors with a bit of a soft dreamy blur around the edges fill the pages. Look twice at the art. The details really require a second glance. The layers of colors and textures really make the panels pop.

I'm looking forward to seeing how these knights save the day.  If they save the day.

If you'd like your very own copy of this comic, ask your local comic store to order it or purchase it directly from The Order of Dagonet website.


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