May 27, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Gronk

Time for a new regular feature at this blog.  Actually, it might be the first regular feature.  Hmm.  Anyways, every other Thursday I'll be featuring a shiny webcomic.

Pronunciation: \ˈshī-nē\
Slang, made popular by Joss Whedon's Firefly. Means good, great, neat, wonderful, etc.

The requirements to be featured are few, but both are very important.  The webcomics has to be shiny and updated on a consistent basis.  It might be newer webcomics or ones that have been around for months or years.  I will always provide a link to the first strip regardless.

The first webcomic to be featured is a relatively new one that I am absolutely smitten with - Gronk by Katie Cook.  On the surface, it's a story about monsters.  One little monster in particular.  But there are a lot of bigger issues about belonging and deciding who...or what you want to be.  You see, Gronk is a young, very adorable monster who doesn't really like being a monster.  While we're not sure what exactly will happen to her or if she will leave the other mean ole' monsters soon, you can get an idea about what might happening by reading more about the characters of the comic here.

Cook has created a character that instantly grabs the reader's attention.  And not just because Gronk the monster is the epitome of adorable.  We can all relate to her feelings of being different.  Cook is just four strips into the story, and I'm incredibly attached to Gronk and her stuffed kitteh. 

You know you're intrigued!  Jump over to the site and read the first strip, you'll be hooked.

Gronk, A Monster's Story
Updates every Friday


  1. How cute is Gronk? Thanks for sharing this. I'll definitely stay tuned to see what happens of the plush kitty.

  2. She's the cutest little monster that ever was. I want to put her in my pocket. I hope the webcomic is wildly successful so that Katie can make a plushie of Gronk and the kitty one day. :D

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