June 17, 2010


For a long time, it has been easy for sports fans to go find anything with their favorite team's logo.  Shirts, hats, decals, jewelry, on and on.  Well you know, geeks are catching up, and we have panache.  My experience is that most of the time, geeks are very creative sorts.  I mean, you have seen all my posts about costumes, right?  And that's just the beginning.  Since we couldn't go to the mall and buy, say jewelry featuring roleplaying dice, we figured out how to make our own.  We transfer our interests and loves to so many outlets.  From the time that Etsy started, they had a category just for geekery.  I'm just saying.

So you like geek and you like handmade?  Good.  Here's a pretty new site that you need to visit: G33kmadeAnd I'm not just saying so because they featured my tutorial on making a Number Six bracelet.  The site was founded by the lovely nerdy ladies behind Luxury Lane Soap and Geek Soap (no - they don't hate each other.  Far from it).  I quote: "The vision behind G33Kmade is to provide a place to share handmade geekery and let artists share the inspiration, stories, methods, and the epic love behind their creations."

What doesn't rock about that sentence?  Beside the creative side, I've also found that geeks (in comparison to non-geeks that I know) are more supportive and generous with their knowledge and time.  These things are a boon to someone who desperately needs a dice bag or wants to learn to make the perfect prop for her costume.  It gives me visions of a cozy artist co-op type place with the remains of knitted cthulhus on one table, the tell tale Dorito crumbs and dice from a D&D game next to it, and some WoW blasting in the background.  Actually, I just decided that is my happy place.  And who knows, sites like G33kmade could be where it begins.

So get over there, read, and contribute.  Geeky crafters - it's the next archetype in a roleplaying guide.  I see it now.


  1. It rocks! Anything that helps bring more geeks together. :D

  2. I'm just catching up on your blog posts. This is a fantastic idea!

    And yes I do agree geeks are the creative types and make their own stuff even if it's not necessary. I think we just like the process =)

  3. Ooh, I think you have a really good point. I totally make things just to figure out the how and why behind it. :)

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