June 22, 2010

Geeky Tattoo Series - Quill Tattoo

Time to continue the geeky tattoo series that I started last week!  This week I've emailed with Kara from the really fun blog Crayons and Cylons.  She has a beautiful tattoo of a quill!

How long have you had the tattoo?
I got this tattoo on New Year's Eve 2009, so only 5 months.

What's the story behind the tattoo?
The tattoo is a quill. I was a lit major in undergrad and currently teach middle school English. I love to read and write, and I love books. Two of my favorite classical authors are Shakespeare and Poe, who are both often represented with a quill (remember the episode of Warehouse 13 "Nevermore"?), and I'm also a big Harry Potter geek. The quill was a fitting representation of all of those things together. It's purple and black to represent a raven's feather and is on the inside of my right forearm, so I am never without a pen. It's always up my sleeve.

Did you get any flak from loved ones for it?
My husband took me to get it. My parents and in-laws have never been fans of tattoos, but they're used to the fact that I have one, so why not two? I kept it covered at work for the first few months, but as the weather warmed up, I wore shorter sleeves. My students were all enthralled. They kept asking, "Did you get a tattoo?" But I know better than to tell 12 year-olds, "Yes," so I just told them it had been there all along and they'd never noticed it. They never made a big deal out of it again. Tattoos aren't verboten in teaching, but not all school administrators (and parents, for that matter) think they are professional. I've not had a problem with this one, my first visible one, but I did cover it for interviews.

Any future geeky tattoos planned?
My next tat will be done this summer (hopefully!) so I can let it heal before school starts back up. I plan on getting falling leaves swirling across my upper back with the text "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar." I love me some Hoban Washburne!!

Eep, I love the idea for the next tattoo!
Speaking of getting tattoos, Shawn (with the kicking Stargate tattoo last week) sent me a link which is great reading if you are considering getting inked.  Really great advice with videos!.

I have a handful of people to feature, but always looking for more. If you have a tattoo based on anything geek, please email me. I'll need a photo, and I'll ask just a few questions.


  1. Yes, the "leaf on the wind" idea is awesome! Hopefully we'll get pictures of that one, too.

  2. That's awesome! And because you're not likely to stop reading, it's one to last....very nice. :)

    Look forward to seeing the next one when it heals up. :)

  3. I like this choice too - it's always applicable! :D

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