June 22, 2010

Geeky Tattoo Series - Quill Tattoo

Time to continue the geeky tattoo series that I started last week!  This week I've emailed with Kara from the really fun blog Crayons and Cylons.  She has a beautiful tattoo of a quill!

How long have you had the tattoo?
I got this tattoo on New Year's Eve 2009, so only 5 months.

What's the story behind the tattoo?
The tattoo is a quill. I was a lit major in undergrad and currently teach middle school English. I love to read and write, and I love books. Two of my favorite classical authors are Shakespeare and Poe, who are both often represented with a quill (remember the episode of Warehouse 13 "Nevermore"?), and I'm also a big Harry Potter geek. The quill was a fitting representation of all of those things together. It's purple and black to represent a raven's feather and is on the inside of my right forearm, so I am never without a pen. It's always up my sleeve.

Did you get any flak from loved ones for it?
My husband took me to get it. My parents and in-laws have never been fans of tattoos, but they're used to the fact that I have one, so why not two? I kept it covered at work for the first few months, but as the weather warmed up, I wore shorter sleeves. My students were all enthralled. They kept asking, "Did you get a tattoo?" But I know better than to tell 12 year-olds, "Yes," so I just told them it had been there all along and they'd never noticed it. They never made a big deal out of it again. Tattoos aren't verboten in teaching, but not all school administrators (and parents, for that matter) think they are professional. I've not had a problem with this one, my first visible one, but I did cover it for interviews.

Any future geeky tattoos planned?
My next tat will be done this summer (hopefully!) so I can let it heal before school starts back up. I plan on getting falling leaves swirling across my upper back with the text "I'm a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar." I love me some Hoban Washburne!!

Eep, I love the idea for the next tattoo!
Speaking of getting tattoos, Shawn (with the kicking Stargate tattoo last week) sent me a link which is great reading if you are considering getting inked.  Really great advice with videos!.

I have a handful of people to feature, but always looking for more. If you have a tattoo based on anything geek, please email me. I'll need a photo, and I'll ask just a few questions.


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