June 16, 2010

Geeky Tattoo Series - Stargate Tattoo

I am always fascinated by tattoos.  It's fun to see what people have set on their skin with permanent ink.  I have three myself.  One of them is a blue crescent moon on it's side on my left hip.  You see Mists of Avalon is one of my most favorite books, and I wanted to have the mark of a priestess tattooed on me since the first time I read it. 

I knew there had to be other tattoos out there that were geek themed or inspired.  I put the word out on Twitter that I wanted to feature geek inspired tattoos and got several responses.  I'll start featuring them one by one here as they are too awesome to be squished into one post.

First up is Shawn R. Hill (@shawnrhill) with his kicking Stargate turtle tattoo.  Seeing a photo of this tattoo was actually how I first started talking to Shawn because I have a very big love for Stargate (particularly SG-1).  The attention to detail really got me; I had attempted to draw a Stargate a few times and all the glyphs made me lose focus immediately.

How long have you had it?
I've had the tattoo almost a year now, it took a total of 13 hours (3 visits with 2-3 weeks in between).

What's the story behind the tattoo?
I love Stargate and all things SciFi. My son loves turtles/tortoises and various cultures believe the earth in on the back of a giant turtle making its way through the cosmos (which kind of fits the Stargate theme as well). So I merged the ideas into a Stargate Turtle Tattoo. There is a small Celtic Knot in the middle button to tie in my Celtic Heritage. The Stargate Turtle is the beginning of what will one day evolve into a Sci-Fi full sleeve. I'm still working out the details on it but right now its leaning towards a tribute to Sci-Fi travel, the ships of Sci-Fi. Things like Babylon 5, DS9, Star Furies, Star Trek ships, X-Wings, Buck Rogers ship, etc... How to tie all those together in a cohesive tattoo is the hard part and is something I'm working on over the rest of the year to see what I can come up with.

Did you get any flak from loved ones for it?
I didn't catch any flak over this tattoo, most of my family can't believe I went through with it but gave me no flak once I did. All my friends (internet and IRL) love it.

Any future geeky tattoos planned?
Just the rest of the sleeve as mentioned above. I might scrap the sleeve idea if I can't get a cohesive piece worked out. If I do scrap that idea I'll probably go with a lower leg piece or two with individual scenes (like the DS9 pic of DS9/runabout/open wormhole and stuff like that) Who knows, still a work in progress in my mind :)

Check out more photos of Shawn's tattoo here.  He also has a beautiful tattoo on the other arm of Bob's Her Uncle by Tyson McAdoo, check out those photos too!

I have a handful of people to feature, but always looking for me.  If you have a tattoo based on anything geek, please email me.  I'll need a photo, and I'll ask just a few questions.


  1. That's insanely awesome!! I can't get over the detail on the glyphs, the apparent texture and depth.

    Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  2. I'm not even a big fan of Stargate, and I think that's awesome! I hope he decides to do the sleeve -- and sends more photos.

  3. P.S. I do watch Stargate: Universe now, and it's made me curious about the other series (serieses?)

  4. I've seen this tat in person and the pictures just do not do it justice!! It is an awesome piece!! His tattoo artist is fabulous!

  5. This is so beautiful and intricate! Huge fan of tattoos as an art form - doubly so when they involve fandom in some way!

    Juliana: watch SG-1, it's hella fabulous! XD

  6. Although I would never get a tattoo myself, I can appreciate great art. and that is great art.

  7. It is really great art. He has an amazing tattoo artist. Such beautiful colors/shading/everything. :D

    Juliana - you should definitely check out SG-1; I have all of those and SG: Atlantis if you want to borrow any!

  8. my current tattoo is just some japanese kanji for "talk nerdy to me" the next tattoo im getting however, is gunna be the actual gate around it. . . ironically. . . the kanji is 7 characters just like a gate address.

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