June 21, 2010

List o' Links

Sometimes I keep way too many tabs and windows open for the good of my computer.  Once in a while, I'll dump the best of these links upon you dear readers.  After all, I may as well make someone else waste time on the magical interwebz right?  Right.  Enjoy!

The Bat Cave by Ikea - and you thought Ikea was just for getting affordable... everything.  Make sure to ask to see this special room next time you're at an Ikea.

Serenity Big Damn Heroes River Tam Animated Maquette
River Tam maguette - The first of the Big Damn Heroes (Instead of Little Damn Heroes), River is in the middle of battle with the Reavers.  I pre-ordered mine and recommend doing so before they're gone - only 1,500.  This ones makes me think of the quote - "She always did like to dance."

Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform - Zombie shoe.  Enough said.

Lord of the Rings Gandalf Plush
It's a Gandalf plushie!!  Do I need to say more?!  And yes - there are more characters available.

Homemade Stargate - a father and son built a Stargate for their backyard.  Everything's fine until a herd of Jaffa come through the gate during your dinner party and you don't have enough brats to go around.

Star Wars Old Republic game trailer - this was released at E3 last week and wow.  Just wow.  Watch even if you're not a Star Wars fan.


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