June 11, 2010

Nerd Soap!

Let's face it.  There is a certain stereotype about nerds.  As with all stereotypes, sometimes it's true and sometimes it's not.  I know that after a four+ hour gaming session, usually stuffed in a small room with five or more people, I have smelled less like roses and more like Doritos, Chipotle, and Mountain Dew.  Among other scents.  I've been to comic book and gaming stores that have smelled like they put a bottle of  ogre-produced BO in the ventilation system.  But happily that was only one smelly store in at least seven stores that smelled of nothing at all.  Oh, and conventions.  I don't have to tell you about that.

Though no excuse was really good before, now with all the nerd soaps on the market, no excuse is acceptable.  After a lot of consideration, I recently ordered the Han Solo in Carbonite soap from Luxury Lane Soap (@KyleeLane on Twitter) and the bag of dice soap from Geeky Clean (@GeekyClean).  Both soapmakers are hella awesome ladies, and they have tons of geeky options available on their sites as well just some quality handmade soap.  I get a little of both because I personally find my Han Solo and bag of dice to pretty to dissolve away with water.  Though yes, there is a certain appeal to saying, "Today, I showered with Han Solo, what did you do?" 

Some people think it's silly to buy soap you're not going to use, but it's no worse than having special guest soap.  I might get an extra bag of dice soap to put out for use at dinner parties and definitely for gaming sessions (which will happen eventually).  And I will be ordering so much geeky soap for gifts this year.  Both Han Solo and the dice are crafted with insane attention to detail.  They are by far the coolest hunks of suds I've ever seen, and they are made by what I'm sure are the coolest soapmakers ever.  Have fun looking through their sites!


  1. My husband has become a bit obsessed with the Han in carbonite soap after I showed it to him, so looks like someone will be getting soap as a part of his anniversary present!

  2. OH MY GOD!!!

    I must have these!!! Especially the dice soap. So, so cool. I cannot wait to check out these stores!!!

  3. Kara - Ha, excellent! My Han soap sits on my desk for now. It's definitely too cool to use.

    Angela - the dice soap is so detailed and smells amazing. I want to get the 20 sided die on a rope soon. :D

  4. Thank you so much for the write up! I'll add you to my blog <3

  5. Thank you so so very much! I am still amazed at how much love people have for my creations. You rule <3

    And @geeksoap makes the D20 Soap On A Rope ♥ Her shop is super sweet too! :D http://www.geeksoap.net/

    Yay for sexy, sudsy geek girls ♥

  6. Jess - you are most welcome! I love the dice soap in a bag.

    Kylee - your little handmade bits of awesome rule the most.

    @geeksoap is next on my list. I needs the D20 soap on a rope!

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