June 2, 2010

Phoenix Comicon Wrap-up - Panels

Finally wrapping up my awesome time at Phoenix Comic with quick notes on the panels I got to attend. I want to just point out that the content of these panels was entertaining and useful. Crazy concept, I know!

Steampunk 101
A nice intro to steampunk by the folks who are involved with the 2011 Wild Wild West Con. In addition to giving attendees informative handouts, they gave fun examples and put together a nice presentation. As I had just written an article about steampunk costuming for Pink Raygun, I figured the timing was too perfect to ignore. At the beginning they asked how many people were new to steampunk and about 75% of the room raised their hands. It was a good primer and nice overview.

The Guild with Felicia Day & Wil Wheaton
As we all hoped and maybe expected, Wil Wheaton will be back for the fourth season of The Guild. It was a really fun and funny panel to attend because Felicia and Wil are both so damn awesome. It's just the truth. Some of my favorite moments include them talking about writing, Wil talking about the role of the kilt when playing Fawkes, and great quotes like "That's the goth calling the kettle white." A podcast of this panel is available from Versus the World Productions (they also have Wil Wheaton's Awesome Hour and the Star Trek: TNG reunion). If you're a fan of Felicia Day or Wil Wheaton, and especially if you are a nerd that still thinks of Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher, go listen. You'll laugh at least once.

Own Your Own Comic Book Shop
This panel was hosted by two local to the Phoenix area comic book shop owners. One story was primarily a back issues store, and the other one focused on new comics and gaming. Why would I attend this panel? I have this grandiose if not realistic plan of having a geek girl comic book and gaming store one day. Plus, I'm just interested in learning as much as I can about the industry. They discussed location, marketing, ordering, etc. I took several notes, but the thing they emphasized the most was providing good customer service and do everything you can to keep the customer coming back.

Making Your Fantasy World a Reality
Creator Travis Hanson hosted this panel. He talked about what it takes to make your project/your dream become a real thing. I learned about self-publishing and got a glimpse into what it takes to get it with Diamond. He talked about how important it is to really think about the cost of everything you are putting out there - from comics to bags and boards for your prints. I also learned that taking the time to learn about the printing industry really helps you when you are trying to self-publish. You can know what's possible, what's not, and what costs should be for various things. He also provided some helpful information about getting the word out. Click on the link for his site up there, he covers a lot of great information about creating and storytelling in his blog.

Self Publishing Comics
ChopShop Comics put together this panel on self-publishing. It was a great guide about what works for them and why, very nuts and bolts. It was interesting for me to learn that for super small runs (like less than five) that it might be easiest just to go to Kinko's.

Super Happy Fun Time with John & Wil
This was my last panel of the convention, and it couldn't have kicked more ass. John Scalzi and Wil Wheaton made a hilarious duo. John talked about the taping bacon to a cat incident, they told the story of the Velvet Wesley, and Wil talked about the time on TNG when instead of offering him more money, they just offered to promote his character to Lieutenant. When you thought it couldn't get any funnier, they unveiled this painting:

Read more about the painting at John's blog.

I recorded this panel, and yes, it's unedited and rough, but still audible and funny. It's starts about ten minutes in, John is just finishing his bacon taped to the cat story.  Super Happy Fun Time with John & Wil.wma. (I tried to convert to a .mp3, but it made the file gi-normous, am happy to accept advice on this).


  1. "I have this grandiose if not realistic plan of having a geek girl comic book and gaming store one day."

    You call me when that day arrives; I will bring my bookselling expertise and we will rock it ;)

    My not so secret retirement dream is to own and run a hobbit hole guesthouse... *dreamy sigh*

    Great post; you're really making me want to go to Phoenix; it sounds like a con with a difference! :)

  2. Hey, that's right. I have a connection and an expert, yay! :D It sounds like a really cool idea in my head.

    And that retirement dream is awesome. T & I really want to build a hobbit hole to live in one day...

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