June 29, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con Costumes

Edited on 7/15/10

I have finally settled on my costume line-up for San Diego Comic-Con.  I would love to stick with Star Wars for all four days, but I don't have the time and / or body type to do the other costumes at the top of my list (Mara Jade and Aayla Secura).  It will be my first time running around in costume for four days.  I'm sure I'll only end up wearing each of the costumes half the day or so, but we'll see.

Thursday  Saturday
Cross play Han Solo (like this photo):
I haven't made much progress on this.

Padme - Black Corset Dress
I have the head piece and the necklace/scarf left to make.  I also want to cover my corset in pleather.

Saturday Maybe Sunday
Gentle Giant animated Princess Leia
Need to get shoes and figure out the cinnamon bun dilemma (I'm not wearing a bullet bra for this costume).

Sunday  I don't think I'm going to be able to pull off 4 costumes!
Poison Ivy or Kaylee
If I go with Poison Ivy, I just need to touch up my existing costume - add more leaves, etc.
Kaylee - Need to age my coveralls and find patches for them.


  1. Awesome. I wish I could make it this year. I'd go as the Six String Samurai and bring my little boy dressed in rags, haha.

  2. Good choices for costumes. I particularly like the Leia Costume...and I agree that a bullet bra will ruin the visual.

    And between Kaylee and Poison Ivy...yeah, I'd have to vote for Ivy. That's just how I roll.


  3. Love the ideas, especially the Han cross-play. ! I've got my Dragon*Con costume lineup all but finished. Problem is, I've got four days and three costumes. Dunno if I wanna rewear, go one day without cosplay, or come up with a fourth.

    If you decide to go with the Kaylee costume, there are a few places (esp eBay) that have the teddy bear patch for relatively cheap.

  4. Wish I was going to see you in action.

  5. Great ideas, I especially like the Kaylee.

  6. I vote for Kaylee, just a shinny thought.

  7. I would also like to put my vote in for Kaylee!

  8. Jonathan - Ha, that's a great idea.

    DarkShinobi - Bullet bras rarely do good things for any look. ;) The biggest benefit of the Ivy costume is that it's 95% done. Kaylee costume is only around 70%.

    Kara - Hmm, maybe you can make a fourth out of the pieces of the other one? Or forget about it and just wear a fun geeky shirt one day.

    Oh yeah, eBay's a great suggestion. I think there's a heart patch too.

    Jedi-J - no Comic-Con?! Darn!

    NakedHobo - Thank you. I'm leaning towards Kaylee on the last day too.

    Republic Defender & Juliana - I'm thinking Kaylee too. I just have to try not to procrastinate too long about finishing.

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