June 10, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Monster Commute

Raise your hand if you spend a lot of time commuting to work.

Hmm.  As I suspected.  A lot of us spend two or more hours in the car a day.  Two hours of singing, or NPR, or audiobooks, or talking to yourself about a story you're working on ... other people do that last one, right?

Though you losers, I mean non-commuters, will enjoy the dickens out of this webcomic too, those of you chained to your engines will especially love this week's featured webcomic: Monster Commute by Daniel M. Davis.

Monster Commute is a webcomic about the misery of driving to work but with a twist.  We follow two main characters throughout the world of Monstru - Chadworth Machine and Beastio Agyris Wand.  They truck along in a retired ice cream truck called Steam Crow.  In Monstru, your choice of vehicle is very important as you pretty much live in it.   Chadworth and Beastio are wonderful entertainment, funny as any comedic pairing that I can think of.  They have to solve problems with the Steam Crow, manage their furnace goblins, and survive the hell that is living in a car all the time.

You'll notice that as you continue to read, you'll learn more about the world outside the vehicle.  It's vast and getting bigger.  Davis has added in lots of backstory and lore.  One of the coolest parts about Monstru, besides the awesome illustrations (I highly recommend at least popping over to the site to look at Davis' illustration style and mad skillz), is the facist government named THE AUTHORITY.  Insert ominous music here.  It's led by a certain someone you might recognize, but I'll let you get to that part yourselves.

Davis has a great informative area for new readers too.  You can meet the cast and learn more about the Monster Commute 'verse.

Finally, I am also insanely impressed that Davis updates with color strips Monday-Friday, every. single. week.  Without fail.  I can't remember him missing an update.  That's dedication folks, and I believe that updating when you say you're going to really keeps a webcomic reader coming back.

Check out the first strip of Monster Commute right here.

Monster Commute
Updates Monday-Friday

Want your webcomic to be featured here or know of one you think I would love?
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  1. Ooooh! Thanks for the shiny new webcomic link for my bookmarks bar.

  2. thanks, I will take a look. have you tried sluggy freelance?

  3. I am loving this feature oodles! Have you checked out Sheldon? It's my favorite webcomic to be sure. Here's the address to the "welcoming committee" page:


  4. Soph - you are very welcome!

    Budd - I haven't, but I will definitely check it out. Thanks for the link. :D

    SciFiTVFanGirl - This feature is fun for me too. I have to research and look at webcomics for it - oh the horror and torture. =P Thanks for the link to Sheldon, it's new to me. I'll check it out!

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