June 24, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - My Sister, the Freak

I have a younger sister.  She's seven years younger to be precise.  And let me tell you, I sure as hell thought she was a freak for a long time.  That might have had something to do with single child/attention issues though.  Possibly.

This week's featured webcomic is about siblings.  And aliens.  If you aren't already hooked, you should check out My Sister, the Freak by Dani Jones.

This all ages webcomic began in March; we have just started to get to know the characters.  The story is about sisters, Mary and Al, "learning to deal with life, family, and alien invaders."  Mary is the youngest sister, aka the freak (us older sisters are never abnormal, trust me).  The kid's got spunk and wit.  Her personality reminds me very much of Lilo, one of my most favorite Disney characters.  She's adorable, and she's got plenty of attitude.  She also has creative tendencies.  As for Al, well, it's hard to tell about her so far.  You can tell she's maybe a bit too practical for her own good.  I have a hunch that maybe an alien experience or two will make her a little more relaxed.  But then again, that didn't really work for Scully.  Speaking of those invaders, make sure you start reading the comic at the Prologue (linked below) to get a peek at this alien business. 

I follow this webcomic for a few reasons.  The creator / artist is super talented, and I love her style.  The story has energy, and I was invested in the characters - especially the little sister - after just a couple of strips.  Also, the story of two sisters grabs me on a personal level.

Check out the first strip of My Sister, the Freak at the prologue here.

My Sister, the Freak updates every Saturday.

Want your webcomic to be featured here or know of one you think I would love?
The requirements to be featured are few, but both are very important. The webcomic has to be shiny and updated on a consistent basis. It can be newer webcomics or ones that have been around for months or years. I will always provide a link to the first strip regardless.


  1. Dani Jones is awesomely talented! That's a beautifully shiny webcomic, Amy. Err, I'm a younger sister. That could explain a few things. :)

  2. Shell - That does explain a lot. =P Have you ever thought of doing a comic Shell?

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