July 7, 2010

Geeky Tattoo Series - Doomsday, Se7en, & more!

Time to continue the geeky tattoo interview series.  This time our guest, Jon, has not just one geeky tattoo, but four!  In my opinion, this gets him lots of extra points.  Plus he was awesome enough to tell me about each tattoo and provide photos.

What do each of your tattoos feature?
These are listed from oldest to most recent.
1) A symbol from the video game "Vay" for the Sega CD on my back right shoulder.  I've had this one probably 14 years.
2) Doomsday holding Superman's shredded cape side on my right shoulder, had it for around 7-8 years.
3) Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Spacey from Se7en on my right leg, inked for about 6-7 years.
4) Jean Reno from Leon:The Professional on my left leg, 6 or so years old.

What made you choose these tattoos?
1) It's not my favorite video game, hell, I never even finished it.  However, I've always had a thing for dragons and it reminds me of the great serpent/dragon Ouroboros, protecting the world with its own body.
2) I believe it was from promotional materials for Superman/Doomsday - Hunter/Prey 3 shot. I like Superman, but I love Doomsday (the original - not the weak ass clones).  Here was a character that wasn't really a villain as much as it was a force of nature. Hell the only way Superman was able to beat him was by cheating and going so far into the future that there was only a second left in the life of the universe and dropping Doomsday off.
3) I love this movie, and one of my tattoo artist friends is a great portrait artist.  I had an idea that incorporated the sins and the characters - this is probably my favorite tattoo so far.

4)  The Professional is probably my favorite movie, I'm still waiting for the sequel Matilda.  I wanted to get portraits from my favorite movies on my legs, because if I'm any kind of geek it's a movie geek.  I wanted one of the lighter points in that movie so I have the scene where Leon is talking with the pig oven mitt on his hand.

Did you get a hard time about any of these tattoos?
There is some general nerd ribbing for the Superman one, but mostly it's the Se7en tattoo I get the most grief for.  Apparently very few men have tattoos of Brad Pitt on their body. Oh well.

For The Professional tattoo, not many people get the reference.

Any future geeky tattoos planned?
I'll definitely be getting more geeky tattoos as time and funds permit, some potential ones include:  
  • Dream from Sandman (probably both Morpheus and Daniel incarnations, either a mirror, yin yang or casted shadow motif)
  • The "DW" from Doctor Who in the shape of the TARDIS, blue of course

I love the detail on the portrait tattoos, especially the Se7en one!  You know, even though I've had a handful, I'm surprised that more people haven't sent in comic tattoos.  And actually, I haven't got a single Star Wars one yet either.  Maybe in the next post!


  1. Oh, I've got a Star Wars tattoo for you ... let me see if I can get him to do the interview!

  2. I really like the Superman one meself!

  3. Sarah - excellent, thank you!

    DarkShinobi - me too, and I'm really impressed with the portraits.

  4. you kidding? this image is the game Dragon Force Sega Saturn, released in 1996. I have the same tatoo!! Vc tatoo thinking it was something else? can not believe it!

    Diogo - Brasil

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