July 1, 2010

Her Universe: My First Tee Arrives

In case you missed the news, the Her Universe store is now open and shipping.  I've been excited about one t-shirt in particular since Her Universe first came into existence - the Ahsoka & Plo Koon shirt.  It was designed by Dave Filoni (supervising director of Clone Wars).  I love Clone Wars, and I adore Ahsoka.  She's come a long way in the series.  My shirt arrived yesterday:

Because I wanted to be on the safe side, I ordered a medium.  The sizing guide on their website was helpful (look for the "see how it fits" button), but it doesn't tell you exactly where to measure from.  This is actually why I only ordered one shirt for now; I'm guessing the sizing will be similar for all of them.  I normally get mediums in fitted shirts, and this one was a little loose on me.  Also, the v-neck is deep.  But as you can see, I threw a tank top on under it so I felt comfortable wearing it to work.  It's long too, but I personally like long shirts.  It saves me from doing the Picard manuever all day.  The shirt is super soft and only a little sheer.  Overall, the quality is top notch and the price is extremely fair for what you receive.

I can't wait to wear this shirt and other Her Universe designs at conventions.  I like to wear them in the real world too, but today someone did ask if I was wearing a Twilight shirt.  Because Ahsoka and Bella look so much alike.  Duh.


  1. You showed great restraint not hurting the silly question person.

  2. Very cool shirt. You wear it well.

  3. No, it's because Edward and Plo Koon look so much alike!

  4. It made me happy that you reminded me of the Picard Maneuver. :)

    I'm thinking about getting one of these but I have to find one I'm sure I want + a cut that's good. I'd like the Star Wars one only I look hideous in purple...we'll see if she does another nice light color.

  5. I actually bought one of these for a friend, so thanks for the preview of how it'll look on her!

    When wearing T-Shirts, I always get them a size too big because I like them roomy like that.

    And...yes. You did show great restraint in not hurting that person.

    I probably would not have.



  6. The Picard maneuver! Love it. The shirt looks great.

  7. Christopher - Sometimes reason prevails. Sometimes. ;)

    Shawn - Thank you, I really like it!

    Kara - hahaha, you are amazing.

    Ruth - There's this one YouTube clip of him performing the maneuver over and over. I love it.
    I like the Star Wars one, but I know there are more upcoming for Comic-Con, including Han Solo.

    DarkShinobi - I do like them a little roomy, better than it being so tight that I am constantly worrying about every little wrinkle of skin showing. :D

    Jedi-J - thank you, I love it. It's super comfy. I'll definitely get more from them.

    Dan - Hehe, I have to perform the Picard maneuver so much because of low-rise pants. It's nice to have a long shirt and not worry about it.

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