July 10, 2010

Link collection

I didn't intend for this to become any kind of regular feature, but I have more links than I can share on my Facebook page.  So, enjoy!

Noel Cruz - This guy repaints generic Barbie dolls so that they actually look like the people they are supposed to.  The sculpts are decent, and with his painting, the likenesses are close to exact.  I know, it sounds silly - but go check out some of the guy's work.  It's pretty amazing.

reMIND blog - This is the blog of Jason Brubaker.  He puts up pages of his graphic novel online, so it's almost like a webcomic but not.  His blog is full of great publishing and storytelling advice.

Webcomics Auction to help the Gulf Coast - A bunch of original art from various webcomics (including Girl Genius) is being auctioned to raise money for the Gulf Coast disaster.  A great way to help and get a cool piece of art.

Season 4 Guild trailer - enough said

The LXD - Villains and superheroes with amazing powers of dance.  Read more about it here.

Color-Hex - a really helpful site for finding html code for every color you can imagine.


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