July 17, 2010


Unintentionally, the theme for this round of links is cute.  I just happened to come across a lot of adorable this week, I can't help it.

Felt monster tutorial - really great step by step on how to make your very own felter monster.  Lots of pictures and detailed instructions.

50 Geeky Custom My Little Ponies - If you didn't know, My Little Ponies are a popular toy to customize.  I've seen everything from Rapunzel to Princess Leia to Sallly from the Nightmare Before Christmas.  This link shows off a ton of geeky mods.

Spippo, maker of custom My Little Ponies - in case you want to see more modded ponies, this is an artist to check out.  That specific link goes to an Angel of Death My Little Pony.  Yeah.  Go check it out.


Hellboy amigurumi - Look at the little plushie Hellboy.  There is more adorableness at her Flickr page.

Plush squid hats - So that squid hat that Clara is wearing in the premiere of Season 4 of The Guild?  You can get your very own.


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