July 6, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con - 2 Weeks!

In case you forgot, Comic-Con is just over two weeks away.  I've seen a few people attending for the first time and asking questions, so I thought it might be helpful to open up a post where anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer.  I am far from an expert; I've only attended four years - but I know folks who have been going since the beginning.  If you know the answer to someone's question, jump in and answer.

Some of the tips from this post about surviving conventions might be helpful too.


  1. 1-carry snacks and foods! and also stay hydrated. It's bad enough people don't shower, take care of your breath plz ;P

    2-park your car at a place that offers over night parking and do not move it! Also try to get there extra early to even find a spot.

    trust me convention food is over priced and you will need foods well standing in line for a panel. Parking is going to be a challenge and one you don't want to ruin your trip.

  2. Have they sent out the passes yet?

  3. Christopher - as far as I know, they do not mail any passes in advance. You have to pick them up on site. They did add a second location (in addition to the convention center) for pick up though. Info about that is here:

  4. There haven't ever been mailings, or at least there haven't since I started going in 2003. I do remember they still sold tickets on site back then, but I also remember the line I stood in to get them, so it's no surprise they had to stop doing that.

    One major new development this year actually concerns parking. A lot of it has sold out at this point, but they started a "pre-buy" program to reserve spaces.


    Personally we're just stowing our car at our hotel for the most part, but we did buy a parking pass for the Hilton lot for the 21st so that we could unload Dawn's art for the Art Show. We'll see how it all works out.

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