July 8, 2010

San Diego Comic-Con Schedule Template

You know how I keep saying one of the most important parts about enjoying Comic-Con is planning?  The programming schedule is starting to be released, just Thursday is out so far.  Take the time to read through and make first and second panel choices.  The Comic-Con website also has a great feature this year called "My Schedule."  I will probably use that to choose panels and then copy over to my Excel doc for printing. 

I use a nerdy Excel document each year to keep track of the panels I want to see, where they are, how long they are, and what priority.  Other people might enjoy this level of OCD too.  I emphasize the word might. 

If you're my kinda of OCD about schedules, you can download my spreadsheet from Google Docs.

It's very basic, a different tab for each day, and time listed in fifteen minute increments. I've left one must see panel on the schedule for Thursday.  The Google Docs conversion lost some of my formatting (like printing all on one page), but I don't know file sharing sites very well.  If someone has recommendations about where I could upload and share an Excel file for free, I'm happy to put it up there too.

Hope someone else finds this helpful!


  1. I love that you've pre-filled the Geek Girls Exist time slot. :-D

  2. I'm so jealous! I'm stuck over here on the East Coast unable to make it.
    Have a great time and post lots of pics.

  3. Margaret - It's a must see for all!

    Shawn - Well, I'll be equally jealous of you during Dragon*Con. There will be lots of photos from me and posts. I hope to stay awake long enough each night to at least get photos uploaded and type some sort of daily summary.

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