July 19, 2010

SDCC: Coverage

San Diego Comic-Con is just a few days away now, eeep!  My costumes are almost finished, and I'm almost ready.  SDCC will be taking over the blog for a couple of weeks.  I'll have coverage, wrap-up when I return, and details on how I put my costumes together.  I will label any posts about the con with "SDCC." 

While I'm there, I will attempt to provide as much coverage as possible.  From Thursday - Sunday, you will find my SDCC coverage in the following places:

I hope to see some of you there!


  1. Awesome. I'm looking forward to the coverage. Have a fun time!

  2. And this broken record says again, How do you do all of this, Amy! Your time effectiveness must be through the roof. ;) All the best with completing your costumes, and have a fantastic time.

  3. Chronic Geek - Thank you! I am tired of prepping and ready for it to be here. :D

    Shell - I would be better at it if I wasn't such a procastinator! ;) I'll be up late tomorrow night finishing the last of my costume stuff.

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