July 28, 2010

SDCC: Day 2 Report

After the neverending - in a good way - show that was w00tstock, I was up much later than I intended.  So Friday, I kinda slept in.  I don't think I've ever done that at Comic-Con.  Knowing that I still had two more full days to explore and having zero desire to camp in line for any panel, I was okay with it.  I woke up sometime around 10am and faced my costume for the day: Padme's black corset dress.  It was confining, but not as uncomfortable as I expected.

I beelined to Tom Hodges' table to see if my Mara Jade commission was finished.  Frequent trips to Disneyland prepare you for the high level crowd navigation skills you need at Comic-Con.  A small crowd within a crowd was gathered around his table, and it didn't take long to see why.  Adrianne Curry, dressed as Slave Leia, was stopped there.  I waited in line to get to the table, and she turned to look at my costume.  She wants to do the Padme black corset costume eventually, so we talked about the necklace briefly and she took a photo with me.  Then... she called me schmexy.  I mean, dudes. 

I walked off aglow and wandered the exhibit hall for a short time before it was time to get in line for The Clone Wars panel.  I passed Seth Green doing a signing, and I drooled over products from Quantum Mechanix and Propworx.  Something at Propworx caught my eye and heart.  It was the headset from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Game.  This was the episode that sent me spiraling into geekdom with nary a look back.  I took a reverent moment, I'm not even kidding, and just stared and reminisced.  I took photos and contemplated a heist, but a quick getaway wasn't possible in the mermaid skirt I was wearing.

I trudged upstairs to the meeting rooms.  The line for The Clone Wars panel stretched farther than I thought it would but frankly, it made me happy.  I'm glad so many were there to find out the latest season 3 news.  I waited about an hour, and I spent it flipping through my program, but mostly shaking my Blackberry trying to get AT&T to cooperate.  Didn't they know I was trying to live report?  I guess that 100,000+ cell phone signals in a concentrated space might have an effect.

I filed in and grabbed a seat behind the shortest person I could find.  Dave Filoni, Joel Aron, and Kilian Plunkett talked about character and location design and seasons 2 and 3.  They pointed out how far the show has come since season 1, and it was fascinating to hear about the little additions that make the CG worlds feel real.  Filoni remarked on things like how Anakin has the best galactic hair gel.  We saw a trailer for season 3.  Cannot. wait.  As you might have guessed, it's a whole other post.

Then I came thisclose to Joss Whedon.

After a pretty short day at the convention center, I had to get changed for the Geek Girls Tweet Up.  Well - I didn't have to, if I were going to wear a Padme costume somewhere, there would certainly be the best place.  Still, after a nap (I like sleep!) I made it to the Tweet Up early.  It's good that I stop hitting the snooze button because the venue filled up to max capacity.  Jolt'n Joes was super close to our hotel, and I found a few other nerds when I got there.  We were herded up the stairs to the reserved room, two by two, and I was somehow paired with Karen Healey, author of Guardian of the Dead.  Good start to a party, eh?

Upon entering, the first thing I notice is that The Empire Strikes Back was playing on the screens around the room.  Not sports, the Empire Strikes Back.  This later changed to a montage of wonderful things like Angel, more Star Wars, and lots of other awesomeness that has become a bit blurry to me.  Okay, there were gin and tonics.  I chatted, I mingled, I tried not to be too socially awkward.  It helped that few people I know in real life showed up.  We got special goody bags from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab with exclusive labels, and a ton of stuff was given away from Think Geek and more.  The party rocked.

The Geek Girl Tweet-Up was really one of the highlights of my weekend.  Thank you to the organizers - @geekgirls, @thenerdybird, and @geekgirldiva.  @ArkhamAsylumDoc found the locale and got it set up, and @aboynamedart spun geeky tunes ranging from Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? to Dr. Horrible tunes.  There were even sponsors.  I met lots of great folks from Twitter and saw some familiar faces.  New introductions included @perksofquirk, @geektome, @actionflickchick, @sarahkuhn, @geekgirlotstree, @comicsgirl, and @thenerdybird.  I even got to go fangirl on Thomas Zahler (@loveandcapes) of Love & Capes.  Bonnie Burton and Kari Byron attended too.

Geek girls ruled the con this year.  True story.


  1. Awesome Day! We tried to get in line for Clone Wars, but they capped it by the time we got there. Thanks for the info!

  2. You bet! It was lovely to meet you. :) I'll be posting a full recap of the Clone Wars panel over at Our Universe sometime this week. I recorded audio!

  3. I remember that episode from my childhood, haha--the grown-ups are all addicted to this game and it's up to little Wesley to stop it? Awesome.

    Great costume! Sounds like an amazing day.

  4. What an amazing day!

    I'mma go back to staring in awe at Joss Whedon now...

  5. Jul - Isn't he? Sigh...

    Eleni - Yes, that's the one! Wesley saves the day... again.

    Mary - I wish I would have made it to one of Whedon's panels but... I'll take this photo and be happy.

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